Tournament Notes

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  1. Hi Randy
    Great golfing at the British Open!
    Was your Dad there?


  2. Congratulations on an amazing accomplishment along with the silver medal!


    • NBF

      I really appreciate you checking out my blog!! PLEASE if you think it’s worthy share the blog site with friends and family as I’m trying to create a global community to follow things about the game that we all love to read about!!

      Hope to be out your way at Atlantic GC for the US Mid Amateur in late Sept…maybe we can hook up then??

      Hope all is good with you Mark!!

      All the best,


  3. Randy,
    Congratulations on a wonderful British Senior Open performance. I’m looking forward to seeing that silver medal.

  4. Hey Randy!!! How are you ? Are you going back to the British Senior Open this year ? I hope you beat Langer this year!!!!!!!!! Side Saddle Putting Rules!!!

  5. Nice round today!!! Go get those flat bellies tomorrow. Can’t wait to get up to NoCal to compete.

  6. Hi Randy, John Connell here. I decided to try sidesaddle yesterday after watching you guys in the Derby. It worked great based on what i was doing. I pulled an old belly Odyssey and used that. Should it be a specific putter type? In particular, should it be a center shaft versus heel? Also, any website or book on the technique? Thanks and I appreciate your help. John

    • Hi John,
      The two best side saddle putters and the STX (available on Ebay) and the Juanputt at www, The juanputt site has some technique video which is decent. Good luck!!

  7. Randy,

    Do you know if they are planning on leaving the new short grass chipping areas on the Lake? It would be a great addition and add another dimension to the course. Putting, bump and run, or a high pitch from these areas below the greens. I didn’t know if you had any insight or what your opinion was on keeping these closely mown areas?


  8. Hello Randy,

    I was going to be making a trip to San Franscisco in about a month and I was wondering if you had any tips on playing Lake Merced Golf Club & Olympic Club Ocena Course? I’m around a 2 hdcp. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank You,

    • Hi Tony,
      These are two great courses, and require a straight tee ball, and accuracy into the Greens. I would just relax and enjoy them!!
      Let me know what you think of them?

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