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Golf is a game of finesse, feel, touch, hand-eye coordination and power. If you have one, but not the other, you can still play good golf, but perhaps not great golf.

In my era of great players, it was Corey Pavin that was the master of the short game, and almost won a PGA tour event at age 50. Corey is a short hitter, but still hits the ball in the center of the club face, which is MORE important than the actual speed the club is traveling.

Which ball will travel further, the ball at 105MPH club speed with a direct hit in the center of the club, or club head speed of 115MPH with a quarter miss low and on the toe of the club. The answer is obvious I believe, the 105 club head speed with a direct hit on the center of the face will fly further, have less spin, and will be more accurate.

So we must use technology to help us figure out what works, and what does not in our swings to create the proper swing path. I spend time with teaching pro Matt Kilgariff at the Olympic Club to work on exactly this, the proper swing plane that will create the proper path, smash factor and ball speed, spin.

One way to create more club head speed

Good drill to sequence your big swing for longer drives

To be continued


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THE RESULTS ARE IN- THE NEW TaylorMade Equipment is the best ever

The goal of this blog is too keep the information real, no hype, no rambling on about stuff nobody cares about.

Golfers do care about equipment, and with so many choices to make, its tough deciding what to make a major investment in. Clearly the demo days are helpful, but with a lot of things in life, what you like today, you may not like tomorrow.

For me personally the biggest improvement in equipment is the current years TM M3 440 Driver, M3 Fwy 3HL-17 and the TM 790 irons. Of these, the M3 Fwy 3HL-17 is CRAZY GOOD. Yes this M3 Fwy club has 17 degrees of loft, which means I can get it in the air easier, and it goes straighter than my M1. Everyone is looking for better performance from their clubs, and tend to think that less loft will allow you to hit it further. Its the exact opposite!! You want to get the proper launch on all your equipment, and for me, I need higher lofted clubs as I tend to trap the ball and reduce loft.

This new M3 Fwy 3HL-17 was a MAJOR weapon and factor in my first WIN using the clubs in the San Francisco City Championship. I was routinely out driving my opponents with this club, while they were hitting their drivers.

The next biggest improvement is i the TM 790 Irons, OMG they are amazing! When I was tested at the Kingdom in Feb, my 770 six iron was going about 182 while the new 790 averaged 192 with a steeper landing angle, meaning it was coming down softer.

During the SF City Championship, I noticed a huge improvement in my iron shot accuracy and my ability to hit these clubs further when I needed a little extra. I would not call these clubs “overly juiced up” but just perfect for what I was looking for.

And last but not least, the new M3 Driver was definitely an improvement over my old trusty M1. I am able to eliminate the big miss right with this club, and it averaged over 7 yards longer, which is significant to me.

If your looking for more length and consistency, then you’ll need to do more than just get a new set of clubs. You’ll need to get into the gym, and work on golf specific exercises that will increase club head speed, and reduce late round fatigue.

In future posts, I will give you the best possible exercises that I believe will help you achieve this.

SO stay tuned for more on golf fitness, and where my 2018  golf schedule will take me this year, its going to be the best golfing year ever for me, and a special thanks goes to all my friends at TaylorMade for getting me off to a great start.


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The San Francisco City Golf Championship is called “The City” as it has perhaps more interesting history of any city or regional golf event in the world. This was the 103rd consecutive running of this event without ever taking a break for world wars, major earthquakes or other natural disasters.

Growing up as a kid reading about the “City” made it something I dreamed of one day playing in. I would read on the front page of the SF Chronicle sports page about all the behemoth mega talented players that found hard to become the “City” Champion. Perhaps the most famous match ever was in the 50’s when Harvie Ward played Ken Venturi in front of over 5,000 spectators.

Unfortunately amateur golf is far less followed now than in the past, SADLY. The pool of talent is deeper than ever, and the game has changed significantly to the younger generation. And again unfortunately the younger generation has not been taught the basics of the game, which is to asses your shot and get up and hit it. Now these kids are spending several minutes assessing every angle of every shot, and making the game a 5+ hour event.

I know in this article I should be telling you about my 3rd win in this important event, and believe me I am thrilled to add another title to an event that is VERY hard to win. BUT, I want to encourage others the importance of getting the game of golf back to the old days when 4 hour or less rounds were the norm, not this new era of long rounds and waiting on every shot.

The “City” needs to make some changes to support the proper pace of play, and if anyone out there has any creative suggestions, please reply back. I know that we can have officials time players and have group timing locations on certain holes. I know that we can use the same rule that junior golf has which is NO parents caddying for their kids. We need to help the game of golf and create awareness for the proper way to play which is using a max of 45 seconds when its your turn to play.

I am very proud and excited for my good friend and best ball partner Jason Anthony for his victory yesterday in the “City”. I am sure like me, he will always remember this special “W” as one of his most coveted.

Please take a minute to review the great articles written about the event below.




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Equipment does matter

I had the privilege of spending an afternoon at one of my favorite places in the world, the famous Kingdom in Carlsbad California, where across the street Taylor Made has its home office.

It always amazes me how tiny little changes in even the weights on the bottom of a club can have such a impact on where the ball flies, how high the ball flies, and the amount of spin on your shots.

It doesn’t matter which product you end up using in this game we love, but I strongly suggest that if you buy equipment you must be properly fitted for the equipment especially at the point of impact.

Jason Werner A professional club fitter at the Kingdom, explains why this is so important in the video below.

Stay tuned for a whole series on golf fitness, and what you can do to improve your short game.

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I got a little lazy towards the end of 2017 and ignored my blog here. But that being said, it was a brutal rollercoaster of some close calls in some major events. I had four  major events were I lead or was tied for the lead with two holes or less. And in the British Senior Open, I had a two shot lead with nine holes to go for the Silver Medal, and an exemption into the 2018 event at St. Andrews.

But probably the one that hurt the most was not the birdie, eagle finish by Tony Padilla to get me by one shot in the NCGA Senior Amateur at Poppy Hills, it was the 2017 Crump Cup, playing in the finals against my pal John McClure, I had two putts to win the event on the 18th hole, and failed miserably.

So instead of dwelling on those blown finishes, I choose to look forward and do everything in my power to finish stronger in all my events in 2018. So why did I blow so many chances to make 2017 an epic golfing year? I think the answer is quite simple:

  1. I was not properly Hydrated
  2. My workout regimen was lacking, so fatigue played a big part
  3. Once I blew one major, it got into my head, so the mental side weakened as a result
  4. I lost my focus, and was focused on not losing, instead of relaxing and just playing golf.

Even after winning many events in my life, it still is VERY hard to close out W’s in big events.

So what the remedy for 2018

  1. I will be more aware of my water and fuel intake during my rounds
  2. I will re-dedicate myself to a stringent GOLF workout routine
  3. I will spend time on the mental side of the game, with better course management practices
  4. I will breathe more, and stay in the moment when in critically important situations
  5. And probably most importantly, I will have fun while competing, this is my hobby that I love.

My plan for 2018 is to SIGNIFICANTLY improve this Blog, and to provide you with more helpful suggestions on how to train, practice, and improve your overall game. I will have more detailed suggestions on Face On putting with more putter reviews.

And lastly, I want to share with you one magical day that was spent at Pebble Beach in early December, the day started by first receiving from the NCGA the “Senior” Player of the Year Award, while my beloved best ball partner Jason Anthony received the NCGA Player of the Year award, followed by a round of golf at Cypress Point on a perfect day in December on the coast.

I took photos of Cypress until my iPhone ran out of power, so perhaps you will recognize a few of these photos taken at Cypress Point.


Playing Cypress Point should be on every golfers bucket list. The only challenge is you need to play with a member, which only about 240 exist worldwide))

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Photos from the Carr Mara at Oakmont

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