About Me (Player Resume)

Hometown: Orinda Home Club: Olympic Club College: San Diego State; Profession: Entrepreneur

Career Accomplishments:

Northern California Golf Association

  • 1993, 1995, 1999 & 2009, 2010,2011 RECORD 6 TIME NCGA PLAYER OF THE YEAR- Runner up 1987, 1988, 2007
  • NCGA Amateur Champion 1992, 1993 runner-up 1995, 2000 semi-finalist 1996, 1998, 2002, 2003, 2007,2009
  • NCGA Two Man- Champion with Bob Blomberg 1987, 1993,  with Darryl Donovan 2001, 2010
  • NCGA San Joaquin Valley Amateur – champion 1995, 1999 runner up three times.
  • NCGA Masters – Champion 1999, 2002 ,2009,2013
  • California State Amateur- Runner up 1988 semifinalist 1997, 2 time quarterfinalist
  • Participant in 30 NCGA/NCPGA Cup Matches
  • Participant in all 6 Seaver Cup NCGA teams
  • All time NCGA points leader with over 30,000 NCGA Points thru 2016
  • Consecutive NCGA Player of the Year honors at age 50,51 & 52


  • Five time USGA Mid Amateur Quarter Finalist
  • 3rd most USGA Match play victories in the 1990’s behind Tiger Woods & Jerry Courville, sixth  most matches won in the US Mid Amateur at 21
  • Participant in 38 USGA EVENTS – Seven US Amateurs, Twelve US Mid Amateurs,  One Public Links
  • Made match play in 16 out of 20 USGA events
  • Medalist in 8 USGA qualifiers
  • Have Advanced thru  15 Sectional  US Opens Qualifiers – missed by 1 shot twice to advance to the US Open
  • Have shot in the 60’s in 28 USGA events and qualifiers over 30 years, including two 69’s in the 2007 US Amateur (qualifier & 2nd round of the tournament on the Ocean course)
  • Played in 7 Professional Majors with low amateur honors at Carnoustie in 2010 and 2011 at Walton Heath in the 2011 British Senior Open
  • Have participated  in 3 US SENIOR OPENS 2011, 2015, 2016


  • 10 Time Bay Regional Champion- Tilden Park Golf Course- Held course record for 1 day of 65
  • Over 170 Nor Cal tournament victories Hayward City, Oakland City Open, Livermore City, Stanford 4 Ball, US TWO Ball, SF City, SF County, Manteca City, Contra Costa Am, North Coast Am, Wine Country Am, Santa Rosa Am, Vacaville Am, Silicon Valley Am, Metropolitan Am, Alameda Commuters, Calif Mid Am, Monterey Bay Am, Antioch City, Chico City, North Coast Am, Roddy Ranch Championship, Stockton City, Tri-Valley Am, Sonoma County, West County Am
  • 9 time Blackhawk Club Champion, broke course record on both courses at one time
  • Boundry Oaks (Walnut Creek GC) two-time club champion


  • Crump Cup – Champion- 2000 & 2002 Semi finalist 2004 –
  • Stocker Cup- Three time Champion 1992, 1997, 2011  3 time runner-up (2009)
  • Coleman – Seminole – top ten 2 times 2005 & 2007
  • Pacific Coast Amateur- 5 top ten finishes and  runner-up


  • Record 8 Time Olympic Club Champion- runner-up 6 times
  • 5 time Stroke play Champion-
  • 2008 Olympian Award
  • Low round on the Lake- 65 Ocean-64


  • Record  6 Time NCGA Player of the Year
  • 2008 Olympian Award-
  • 1993 California Amateur of the Year- by the California Sports Writers (second-Tiger Woods)
  • Six Time Bridgestone Amateur Golf.com Player of the year (2007,2008,2009,2010,2011,2012)

78 Comments on “About Me (Player Resume)

  1. Randy, Nice blog…good luck this weekend….I lost to Scott Anderson in first round..one over par and I lost on 18..we were even going into 17, i hit the green first 25 feet away then he stuffed it to six inches
    play well..


  2. Course record at Tilden is 64…..I shot it the day after you shot 65 also in the Bay Regional. Great resume though…..I am envious.

    • Yes I know, there are many course records under different conditions. I believe I had the course record for a day which still counts as once holding the course record I believe?

      I love that course!!…and you?

  3. Good Luck Randy! When you get a chance give me a call at Moorpark Country Club 805-532-2834

  4. Randy.

    Watched you play a little at Whisper Rock the past two years. I was just on the putting green with Gary McCord and a few others this afternoon talking about your great play, but especially about your putting technique and putter. We had some pictures of you playing and putting. We all tried to side-saddle a long putter.

    Would you elaborate about both your technique and the putter. As to the putter, was it built as a STX side-saddle putter originally for use as you use it? Did you have to alter it at all to fit the side saddle style? And, is the rule for shaft angle into the putter head, which I believe is 8 degrees? Your putter shaft looked like it was perpendicular, but of course I couldn’t tell from a distance. I’m sure it’s legal, but I wonder what the shaft angle is that you are using and feel is optimal for your FANTASTIC putting skills?

    Thanks, Van DeWar.

    • I don’t think Randy read this. My fault, since I help him with the blog. Send me an email to rouillardt@verizon.net with your contact info and I will make sure he gets it. I am sure he wants to spread the word of how he side saddle putts. I played with him for years when I was working at Olympic. We played in many Pro-Am’s together and have seen miles of putts made first hand.

      Tim Rouillard

  5. Randolph good site impressive resume, are you gonna give Reinert any love for the reads over the years.

  6. Randolph thanks for the great pics of Spyglass can’t wait to play it with you.

  7. Mr. Haag,
    I have had the chance to play with you when I was a junior golfer in the cal am. qualifier at castlewood cc like 6 years ago. I admire the way you putt and I am convinced that you are a trend setter. If I putt poorly within the next decade or so, I will switch to the Haag face on putting style.

    • Randy,
      The Double Eagle Club is having its first golf tournament and I want to invite you to play. I need your contact information to send you the tournament announcement and registration information. I know you have scored a double eagle. The stats regarding it have been lost. Please send me the information surrounding your double eagle so that I may post it on the Club website. I look forward to your reply.

      All the best,

      Michael Christensen

  8. Randy,
    Congratulations on such a wonderful week and experiencing a Major first hand. Your experiences will carry with you your entire life and and will be there whenever you wonder why you do this.

    Again, there isn’t a golfer in NorCal that wouldn’t change places with you.

    Rest up. I expect to see you Aug 2 at Peninsula CC.

    Good job.

    John LoFranco

    • Hi John,

      I actually just got this comment and I wanted to respond and let you know how much I appreciate your comment and all you do for the game. You have allowed guys like me to play in great events at great venues that are run like pro events. Your always the friendly face I look for at each NCGA event!!

      Thanks for following the golf blog, I hope it’s interesting for the followers!!

      All the best,


    • Thanks Alex!

      Please share the golf blog with friends and family if you feel they would enjoy it!!

      Hope to see you sometime soon!!

      All the best,


  9. Randy. Where is the video from the USGA Mens State Team Championship?

  10. Randy:
    Awesome blog.
    Hunter Nelson and I finished 2nd in Senior division.God willing we will be back next year.
    Jimmy Burke

    • Thanks for getting back to me with the info. Where do I send the invitation regarding the Club tournament in October 2012?

      I have enjoyed your posts covering the U.S. Open… well done!


  11. good luck at Erin Hills,
    As a miramonte grad living here in the Milwaukee area, I hope you enjoy the course and win the tourney. Let me know if you need any local knowledge off the course.


  12. Randy,
    I enjoyed reading your blog. If you ever get to St. Louis, I would love for you to join me for a round at Bellerive. Good luck with future tournaments.

  13. just reading thru your blog randy, work and caddie at turnberry. would like to say welcome and have a great week. my name is cruickie.

  14. Hi Randy..I just learned from Ray that you are teeing it up w Mike this week. Wish I was there to root for you guys. What a great twosome. Best of luck this week pal..see u Lakeside

  15. Hi Randy, long time no talk, my son Mike says everything going well with you and I see you have played some great golf over the past several years. Keep stretching and you will keep your game for a long time. I ran across your address looking up the side saddle putter. It looks like a good way for me to go. Take care, Tommy Jacobs

    • So great to hear from you Tommy, and yes its been a long time! With the new rules in anchored putting, I think side saddle putting will become more popular over time. I use an old STK side saddle putter, which works quite well. Seems like just yesterday when I was at SDSU seeing you at La Costa, what great days those were!!

      Happy Holidays and all the best to you Tommy!!

      Randy Haag

  16. Hello Randy,
    Congratulations on your truly admirable golfing accomplishments. As for side saddle putting, I have not been able to find this style putter at our local retail outlet stores. I would appreciate any information you can provide me on where to buy a good quality side saddle putter, or source for components?

    Thank you,

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  19. Randy, would you speak to the different types of putters that you have used over the years and the one you are currently using. Thank you

    • Hi
      I used to use a Jack Koski “So Easy” home made putter, very nice. Until I discovered the STX side saddle putter they made a long time ago. Can still get them occasionally on Ebay. I use the soft black face on it, great for fast greens!!!

  20. Hi,
    I’m interested in getting a review of my http://www.punchbowlgolf.com on Randy Haag’s Golf Blog. I am willing to pay.I was wondering if that is something that you would be interested in?
    I can provide the content if you like.
    If you don’t normally do reviews, I would consider sponsoring your website with a banner and link, or cross promotion.
    Let me know

    • It is a great way to putt, and I personally like the STX Side Saddle putter. You can usually find them on Ebay. Good luck and let me know how it goes!!

  21. Randy – love the theory and logic of face-on putting. Been looking at a couple putters online but am unsure of length. I’m 5′ 11 and they reco 46 or 48″ long. That puts the left arm at an angle. Your method (which seems more intuitive and seems to work!) seems to favor left arm parallel to ground and a shorter putter.

    Any recos?
    – how tall are you and how long is your putter (I know, personal question)
    – when you stand tall how far up does putter come? Navel like belly putter? Seems that maybe 4″ above navel may be best.


    • HI Jeff,
      I think a shorter putter will enable you to keep your left arm parallel to the ground. I am 6’0″ and use a 42″ side saddle putter (STX)
      Let me know how it works out for you!!

  22. Randy,
    Did you play in the 2010 Senior British Open in Carnoustie, Scotland? If so, did you finish as highest amateur? If that is the case, do you remember that your drives on 14 and 15 went right, in the rough? I stood right behind you at the tee box and noticed that you lined up your feet to the right while the rest was lined up correctly. I asked your caddie if you always lined up your feet to the right? He didn’t know and told you what I said, you then lined up your feet better on the next hole, looked back, I nodded, you made the shot and the ball went straight as anything. Hole 17 and 18 went straight as well. I don’t recall that you actually were the highest amateur,but I really do hope so. Impressive resume, by the way!


    Gert Wolters

    • You are absolutely correct, wow that is impressive, my tendency is to have my feet aim right and that’s what I miss it to the right. Fortunately I was the only amateur to make the cut, so I was the silver medal recipient.
      The tournament is again at Carnoustie next year, I hope to repeat!!!
      Thanks for following my blog

  23. Randy,

    I met through my business partner James Hay. I have a public golf marketing platform (alpha) we’re getting ready begin funding demonstrations. Are you still in the VC business?

    Richard Grant

  24. Hello Randy,

    I was wondering if you have ever had the chance to put with the GP putter?

    Steve Mulka

  25. Hi Randy. I own a huge putter collection which I put together over the past 30 years. Recently I found a very interesting old Bullseye that has Ken Venturi 1964 US Open Champion stamped on the backside, with a gorgeous burgundy leather grip. This bullseye is much heavier than any other I’ve ever touched, and that’s quite a few. Any tips on where I can learn more about this putter? I’m wondering if Mr. Venturi ever owned it. Thanks for any information you may have. Joe Bell

    • Hi Joe,
      I just sent my friend Matt Venturi a copy of your comment to me, and we’ll see what he says!!
      Perhaps that will unlock the mystery!!

      • Hi Randy. Should I forward a couple of images of the Bullseye to you from my phone via your email or? Thanks for letting me know!


  26. Thanks very much Randy. I can provide an image of the stamping if that would help. I appreciate your taking the time to help with this!

    Best regards,

    Joe Bell

  27. Mr Haag, I am 5′ 7″ how long should the shaft be be on my putter?

    Thank You

    Steve Mulka

  28. Thanks for the help Randy. Matt was a great guy and remembered my putter being around the family home. Once again, I appreciate the help. My brother in law, Sam Swisher was raised in Lafayette and has a good friend, Joe Mullen that belongs to your club. Small world! Take care, Joe Bell

  29. Hey buddy,

    Very proud of the way you played and maintained composure at Seminole this week at the Coleman.

    -2 in the final round was outstanding and the 72 on Friday could have been 68 without a doubt.

    Be well and always be your own best supporter/fan on the course. As a player I know full well how hard it is to not be tough on myself when I’m not playing up to snuff.

    I believe firmly that our best inner golfer emerges only when we accept the mistakes/poor outcomes and rally silently from within.

    You da man and it was an absolute pleasure carrying your sticks.

    Brian Cass

    • Brian my man, it made the event more enjoyable having you there with me! I hope all is good with you, and thanks for reading my blog!!

  30. Hi Randy,

    Thanks for your blog, your skill, tenure, and love of the game. What a game!
    Thank you for being a guide related to side saddle putting.

    I plan to switch to side saddle putting. I have suffered enough, and do not have the time to dedicate the many hours, days, weeks, months, and years to learn how to effectively putt the the traditional way. My two eyes do not work together with that style of putting – from identifying the line and path at some distance using one eye, and then standing over the ball to execute the line and putt with the other eye. Binocular vision surely will help in putting it all together for a consistent path and stroke.

    I have read, listened to, or viewed all that I can find online by you regarding side saddle putting. Thank you for doing this! It has been very helpful. There is not a whole lot out there. I am curious from your experience what you think the ideal width of a side saddle putter head might be. For example, Cure Putters – RX Series – has a center shaft lie angle putter adjustable from 62 to 80 degrees, @ 1.5 degrees of loft, with a series of adjustable weights, ranging for personal fitting from 361 – 615 grams to promote stability and increase MOI. Given these specs and the wide range of adjustability, based on my research, this putter seems to be “on point” for a side saddle putter. Besides However, the putter is 5.5 inches in width.

    In addition to your reviews on side saddle putters (Thank You!), I have looked at other possibilities – the Inazone Hefty Side Saddle putter, and also the Holloway series of Side Saddle putters.

    Is my assessment accurate as far as what one would look for in a side saddle putter (besides length fit to height – 40 inch +- range)? What width range in a putter head would you recommend in order to give one the best possibility for proper set up and consistent swing path?

    Gary Haddock

    • Hi Gary,

      Thank you for your kind words and for reading my blog. To answer your question, it all is really personal preference with the size of the putter head, and the length of the putter. I am 6 feet tall and use a 43″ side saddle putter (STX). Did you see my review on most of the putters available?
      Stay in touch and let me know how you are doing and what I can do to help you!!

      • Thanks for your reply. I have read your reviews on the side saddle putters, and have seen the videos on many of them as well. They were very helpful.
        I was able to purchase an original 43.5 inch STX putter on eBay, and it is on its way to me now. From the photos it appears to have the more upright lie angle closer to 80 degrees rather than 70-71. It has the green elastomer face (firm option) insert which is in excellent shape.

        Some questions: Have you replaced the inserts on your putter or changed them out? If so, where did you get them? I suppose one could buy identical putters to secure the various face options. I guess that would be worth doing if that would improve the ball’s MOI on face contact, and consistency of roll in putting. However, on the other hand, it would seem that one could, with enough practice, learn how to consistently putt with whatever insert is on the putter. This appears to be an easier option that would not change the “feel” of impact and the length of the stroke given green speed. Regardless of what color the insert is, I understand that one must have a consistent, stable, stationary pendulum stroke along with the ingrained associated “feels” and length of stroke to strike the ball to track on a chosen line for a specific distance. What do you think about changing out the inserts? Is this worth consideration?

        I will post again soon to update on how things are going with this “new” method and putter.

  31. Randy, I am a 10 hdcp w serious putting woes. I do not have the yips but just am a poor putter. I’ve taken many a lesson from terrific pros but to no avail. Hence, I’m thinking side saddle. I am 6’4″ so any advice you can give me as to length, manufacturer and where to pick one up inexpensively in order to give it a go would be most appreciated. Thank you.

    • Hey Denny,
      You should try to buy a STX Side Saddle putter on Ebay. You should get a 45 inch or longer putter to putt side saddle. Let me know how things work out for you- best Randy

  32. Mr. Haag this is Joey Garcia ( Pappas Bro’s. Steakhouse server) it was a pleasure serving you and your family the other night. I really enjoyed the blog. Great accomplishments in your career in golf. I’m leaving my email address, if your ever in Houston again hit me up and Maybe we can get a round in. Look forward to hearing from you.

    • Joey, great to hear from you. YES lets get a game together when I return to Houston. Please stay in touch, my mobile phone is 415-370-1758

  33. Hello, Randy.
    This is Paul Zingg, the former president of Chico State and, after 14 years there, now retired and living in Danville. I am a member of Blackhawk and writing a club history for them. I would appreciate a conversation with you about your 9 club championships at Blackhawk and golf, more generally, if that might interest you. I have also been a member of Merion for 40 years and written a few golf books that I would love to send to you. Hoping to hear from you! I am a great admirer of what you have accomplished in, and for, our great game.

    • HI Paul,
      Thanks for reaching out. I’d would be happy to speak with you. Please feel free to call me on Thursday 415-370-1758
      Randy Haag

    • HI Paul, this Thursday morning at 10:00 AM would work for a call if you still want to speak to me- 415-370-1758 look forward to speaking to you Paul

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