My good friend and recent side saddle convert Brad is shown in this video putting side saddle. I’ve been playing golf with Brad for 30 years now, and his conventional putting has always been his down-fall.

A year ago after missing another short putt, he grabbed my STX side saddle putter and rolled in 3 six foot putts. I said if you make another one, I’ll give you that putter. He did, and now he has a STX putter that has changed his game forever.

Yes, like everyone Brad struggled with the longer putts, as it takes a LONG TIME to adjust to the longer putts. BUT he saw immediate improvement in his short and mid range putts. I see so many new side saddle putters putt poorly because they lack the simple technique to make the transition one that will work for you. As I always preach, the top left hand is the top of the triangle and cannot move back and forth or sideways.

The audio is not great in the video below, but watch how nicely Brad strokes through his putts, I guarantee he can out putt most of you!!


    • They are quietly putting together a distribution team of pros to launch the commercialization of the PoNS device. I am a buyer, thinking its going to 100+ one day

  1. I tried side saddle putting 2 1/2 yrs ago and will never go back to the conventional method. BTW: I’m now have a STX TM (mallet) putter and love it.

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