I’ve never seen a situation before were the FDA gives a company approval and its found on the FDA website before the company knows about it?

I’m not sure how that happens, but for all of you either interested in this company or already holders, you should BUY BUY BUY like Cramer says right now, before the official announcement by the company.

YES I own shares, and bought more today on this news. This is a MAJOR MEDICAL BREAKTHROUGH FOR MS, and will end up being for all neurological diseases in the end.

I’ve been following this company since I had dinner with Montel Williams, when he told me that the PoNS device is why he can now ski again, and live a normal life.

The company only has 3 millions shares outstanding with about 12M in cash on hand. This is still risky, but the risk may be to not be in the stock. With everything else so high, HSDT is a good bet to go higher next week.

My cost basis is over $250 a share after the 35:1 reverse split, and I believe in the next 3-5 years I’ll be back there. I’m not always right, and I certainly make mistakes, but I think I’m right on this one.

Stay tuned to more on HSDT and on golf!!

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