This is a golf blog, I like to write about my experiences, how I prepare to play the best I can possibly play, how I train, and of course the side saddle experience.

But tonight while dining by myself at the most popular place in all of Palatka Florida, I witnessed something that disgusted me, and made me reflect on certainly one of the major things that is very wrong in this country. On a Thursday evening this place, Corky Bell’s was packed with an hour wait for a table. I sauntered up to the bar and found a spot to hopefully have a quick dinner.

Unfortunately there were 6 guys in the bar that were basically screaming, and the more they drank, the louder they became. One of them actually poured himself a beer while the bar staff was absent from the bar. I watched in amazement as these belligerent drunks drank, and drank more, and drank yet more.

The topper for me was when the female bartender that was serving me said “yup, they have been drinking like this since 4 pm, and they are very loud and drunk” yet then she served them these shots in the video below.

Here we have COVID-19 and the restaurant business in dire need of revenue, so what are they going to do, serve alcohol to drunks and forget about their obligation to keep these lethal weapons off the road. I asked for the manager and told him I took video of these guys while I waited one hour for my food to arrive. I saw them steal drinks from the bar and laugh like crazy over their success. I watched the bar staff give them priority service as clearly they were spending the most money.

But at what cost do these desperate restaurants push the booze, while endangering lives on the road. When I asked for the manager and told him that HE would be responsible for anything that might happen on the road to an incident casualty of these inebriated idiots. I told him the big guy in the red hat was stealing beer, and that his staff could hardly give a damm. I also told him I was contacting the local authorities that his bar was serving alcohol to very drunk customers. He listened, but doubt he did anything.

My heart goes out to all those people lives that have been crushed by accidents that could have been prevented by NOT allowing drivers to get behind the wheel under the influence of anything dangerous. The roads are super dangerous, especially now with all this Canibas crap that’s making people think its ok to get high and drive since its legal to use.

I worry about this country. This is NOW a political forum, I don’t enjoy talking politics, or religion with people. But It’s really hard for me to look at the Golden Boy Andres Como, and see this scumbag get a free pass from the left media, while he covered up all his fuck ups with the retirement home COVID patients, and now just a handle full of the women he has terrorized are coming forward.

I look at this country and realize that we have a President, the most powerful man in the world, that would not, and could not even be hired as a Maitre D’ as he cannot remember anyones name. Over the next few years we are going to see craziness in what is going to be ramme

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