In further clarifying what I understand to be the situation with what I had written earlier here is some additional or edited info:

  1. The USGA has made no decisions on doing anything at this point. They are going through the process of evaluating and doing their diligence
  2. In the recent past the USGA with the R&A have put into place many changes to the rules that have made the game better, and I believe they will do the same here
  3. Whatever the final decision is, I believe it will be a good one and will be well received by golfers of all and any skill level.

The USGA and Royal & Ancient have a very challenging task of protecting the game of golf on all ends and fronts. On my earlier blog post I did not want to lead anyone into believing that any decision was made, nor that any opinions had been formed by anyone.

Your feedback and comments were much appreciated, and it clearly shows the passion we all carry for the game we love.

Since I began golfing at age 6, the game has evolved in so many ways. I can remember the days when I used to re-varnish my old Olimar wooden headed driver and 3 wood. The head was tiny and the sweet spot very small. The old balata balls would curve so much more than the ball today. Which was a better era for the club and the ball now with the distance and less curve, or back in the day when you could hit huge slices and hooks?

My personal bottom line is that I trust the USGA, I always have. I think golf is in very good hands, and I am confident that you all will be pleased and support what our governing golf association does.

Up next 2021, how to play your best golf

Stay Tuned

4 Comments on “I TRUST THE USGA

  1. I for one do not trust the USGA to make a decision which is in the best interest of 95% plus of most golfers. They in my humble opinion have their heads———- in the clouds is probably better than what I really think.

    • I appreciate your comment, everyone is entitled to their opinion, I would just ask for you to have an open mind and see what becomes of this issue, you might be pleasantly surprised. Remember the USGA is made up of mostly volunteers that give their time to protect the game of golf. I think they have done a good job of doing just that

  2. Randy. I spite of my different opinion about the USGA than yours, I very much enjoy your blog. I am I the investment business also. I am 79 with a 4 index and am working hard to get back to scratch in ’21. Time is running out. I belong to Kinloch Golf Club in Richmond Virginia which is a club started by Vinnie Giles who seemingly is ageless. Happy New Year. Lou Moelchert

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