You know the old saying “do as I say, not as I do”. The days of my crazy good putting are temporarily on hold. But talking about the technique of face on putting (Sidesaddle) is always helpful to me. Here is a quick video with some different face on putters as well.

I had a delightful day yesterday with a dear old friend of mine who invited to me to play in an annual event played at Petaluma Golf and Country Club in Petaluma California. They have this amazing nine hole course on top of a mountain with incredible views in all directions. It’s a nine hole event where they set the tees all the way back, and literally put the pins on huge slopes mostly a few feet from the edge of the green.

Since I had never played the course before, I was curious to see how this format would go for me. What I learned was that my opening 4 putt on the first hole would not be my last. I missed several 2 foot putts, followed by other short misses. I hit all the greens in regulation except 2 greens and shot 6 over par, and that was with two birdies. The key was to start on the short sided uphill part of the green so not to 4 or 5 putt. Here is Alan with a tough putt, he made many:

And then Alan with a two footer that did not end well, this was my typical result. Sorry Alan to show the world this putt. But thanks for including me in this really fun afternoon.

But in the end the camaraderie won out, despite the fact that we both missed winning the new enormous trophy and beautiful red jacket, it was another day of meeting new great people, and forging new friendships. Often I need to remind myself that golf is my hobby, not my profession, and if it was I would have starved long ago. So enjoy the moment and Carpe Diem.

Stay tuned for what I’ll be doing during my one month break before I head to Florida for two major amateur events.

8 Comments on “FACE ON PUTTING 101

  1. Thanks for the side saddle review. I’ve been using the GP putter for about two years. It is very well designed and I have found it extremely helpful. It has made a big difference for me.

  2. Hi Randy. You wont remember me but I was one of the 4 guys in the playoff at Pyle&Kenfig to get into the Senior British Open at Porthcawl. I made a shabby bogey at the 1st and then watched you make a very tricky 2 putt from long range for par. We’ve been in lockdown here in the UK and I ended up writing a book about the yips (which of course I used to suffer with). There is a tiny mention of you in it when I talk about alternative putting techniques. I’ve never tried side saddle, mainly because of the lack of available putters in the UK. You make it look very easy. I’m more of a claw man at the moment. If you’re very bored, you can see my book on Amazon or my website http://www.scaryputter.com
    It’s called Get to Grips with The Yips. Best regards, Peter Jackson

    • WOW Peter, so great to hear from you. I do remember that crazy playoff with the wind howling. If I remember correctly you hit way right off the tee? I did make a very tricky 3 foot putt to stay alive. On the second playoff hole I hit a horrible tee shot right, and then hit the green in 3 leaving me a side hill putt that would not stop for ten feet if I missed it. It was a 1:100 putt and I made it to get into the main event. Then in the tournament I had another 3 foot putt in the wind and rain to make the cut and some how shacked that in. I need help with my YIPS as they have ruined the fun of golf for me. I even have them putting with my eyes closed, so I will read your book and order it on Amazon as well. Please stay in touch, and hope to see you at the 2021 Senior Open?
      My very best
      Randy Haag

      • It was a crazy day. My drive was one of the worst shots I have ever hit! I apologise that when I wrote the book I couldn’t remember your name, so unfortunately the legend of US amateur golf has been demoted to “an American amateur”. You will probably detect my bitterness, having lost in a playoff the previous year too. If covid permits I will enter next year at Sunningdale. See you there. I hope the book is OK. I have received some decent feedback from golf coaches (who havent experienced the yips) and friends (some of whom definitely have, but they know me and are therefore biased). I would love your views on it. Your opinion will be valuable and I am very happy to take criticism, however harsh. There arent many good books on the subject, which is why I wrote it. Hank Haney’s is OK but is more about his own long game problem than anything else.

  3. Hey Randy…what length putter do you use? How tall are you….is it important to be lower to the ground? I am 6′ 2 what would you recommend…there is a Juan putter on eBay for 1/2 the price it is 39 inches …your thoughts?

  4. So I’ve been using the GP putter for a few years mostly, I have 5 others the usual ones. I added 40g of tire weights around the head. I imagine like many of us, you go through different phases. Knowing it’s the better way to putt is somewhat elusive in practice. A few weeks ago, my playing partner said something that has changed that uncertainty of aiming due to my right wrist pull. She said it’s like making a stroke with a pool cue. If you are good at aiming with a pool or billiards cue you will be able to do face on. I think it’s very similar, hit through the ball on the line. Frees you up to feel the strength of stroke. Anyway it’s only been 2 weeks but the change was immediate as soon as I started having that idea or visual. Happy Golfing! ⛳

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