The two golf tournaments I look forward to most are the Masters final back nine, and the British Open (or they just call it the Open) the US Open is nice, but this years event with Bryson way in front it was a bore. Same with this years Masters. I had it taped and actually watched in fast forward mode.

My previous head line “Congratulations Jon Rahm Masters champion” was only meant for his performance over 36 holes, he absolutely sucked over the weekend. Rahm’s weekend of 72-71 was bettered by Rory by 7 shots costing me a cool $100 PayPal transfer.

My weekend in the Olympic Club Championship was similar to Rahm’s weekend, it ended on Saturday. I lost my quarter final match 1 down to eventual winner Phil Huff. I love Phil, and have known him for 30 years. He beat a real stud 22 year old up and coming star Daniel Connolly in a 36 hole final that went 38 holes with the 49 year old Huff winning the club championship for the 3rd time (don’t fact check that please).

I had about ten different titles to this Masters finish, all were about the same with boring and anticlimactic in the titles. After Dustin made bogeys on #4 and #5 to just tease Cameron Smith and Im, he then put on the gas and won going away.

Dustin does not openly display much emotion, and I finally woke from my nap when I saw Paulina waiting for him behind the 18th green looking very sharp with her very puffy lips and huge eyes. But other than that, Dustin is very predictable in what he is going to say. He holds his emotions deep inside him which I actually respect.

But let’s really assess the state of golf versus in the past, lets call them the good ole days. What we have now is Hulk Bryson that hits it 350 in the air, but not always knowing exactly where its going while swinging so hard that I’m sure his dizziness could be due to the 140MPH club head speed spinning around his head. I deem this action unsustainable in the long run. The torque on his body will wear his body parts down. I think Dustin privately thinks his power is more real and sustainable as he bigger, and arguably stronger. I would take Dustin in a arm wrestle, especially since the odds would be Dustin +120.

Ok, lets not get distracted and continue down. I marvel at Cameron Smith’s swing, and how he gets the job done. This I am sorry is not a pretty swing, it loops all over the place, and I’m sure even he doesn’t know where its going. But my goodness what a short game, he is a magician around the greens, but I don’t believe that Cam is the next biggest thing in golf.

When they show Im’s swing I think I could actually take a real nap while he is swinging. He is an amazing story, and is a golfing machine, but speaks very little English. I do root for him however since my ex-caddie Bobby Brown is on his bag, and I always root for Bobby.

Justin Thomas just doesn’t seem to step up in the biggest moments, he has the talent to do so, but I have yet to see him really dominate like Dustin is currently. Koepka is finding his way back after injury, but how exciting is Koepka, how exciting is Web Simpson or Rahm. I will never root for Patrick Reed as he is a serial cheater, and Matsuyama bores me to death.

Xander and Cantlay can’t seem to shine in the big moments yet, so who do we really have? Other than Tiger making a 10 on the famed 12th hole, followed birdies on 5 of the finishing 6 holes, that was the most exciting thing I took away from this years event.

Where is a guy like Jack holding his putter up in the air as he charges to the lead, and Seve with his charisma. Or even a Hale Irwin when he ran around the 18th hole when he holed a 90 footer to tie for the lead in the Open. Where do we get that excitement in golf anymore, even Tom Watson had more star power than these guys.

A typical Dustin interview “he Dustin what did you think about your round today” ahhhhh yeah it was really solid, I was happy with the shots I hit and especially the putts I made” I say BOOOOOOOORING. Please give me a guy that will add a real spark to the game. These guys are going out and making their millions, really without any entertainment value. Am I wrong, I don’t enjoy watching golf nearly as much as when Tiger was ripping fist pumps and huge emotion and entertainment value. I LOVE Rory, but he cannot play 72 holes (like I mentioned in my previous post).

So who do we got to root hard for, and to look forward to? Bryson is just a odd freak show doing things in the most abnormal way that we are used to seeing. Lets review, his clubs are all the same length, he uses science more than any player in history, and his putting stroke looks as stiff as a frozen missile. I do not get any joy out of watching drivers launched 350 yards in the air in all directions. I miss a golf ball that you could hugely curve.

If you differ with my opinion the beauty is that’s ok, and I love hearing others perspective on the game. Who in the game is exciting to watch. My first choice would be Rory when he’s on, and perhaps Tiger. But lets be real, Tiger with his fused back is NEVER GOING TO WIN ANOTHER MAJOR, last year he had the perfect storm with virtually every contender in his way hitting a ball into the drink on #12, parting the way to his victory.

We need a player that is exciting and shows some moxie and emotion on the course like the good ole days with Arnie, and yes even Gary Player. This is like what the SF 49ers were accused of being wine sipping boring while they won multiple Super Bowls.

Oh my what do we have to look forward to in 2021 with these lockouts and Mister “Common Man” leading our country. We need something exciting, at least give us a dam major like the PGA Championship where Colin has to eagle the 70th hole at Harding Park to seal his victory, am I wrong?

I’m going to change it up tomorrow and post a video with some side saddle putters, that should be exciting…lol, I’ll try and make it so!!



  1. I totally agree Randy, who gets us excited these days in golf?? I tune in for Tiger still. Good bad or indifferent it feels like every time he plays there is a buzz. I’m not a huge DJ fan but I’m happy for him, I like dynasty’s or dominating runs for golf. Which star over the next few years is going to rattle off 4,5,6 majors? Are we ever going to see a golfer dominate again? I think Brooks has the capacity to be that guy, possibly ending his career with 6-10 majors won. Mathew Wolff and Collin Morikawa are fun to watch as well. I disagree with one thing you said though… I’m still holding out hope that Tiger is going to give us some more Major tournament thrills and perhaps more wins. Hope your doing good sir, talk to ya later.

  2. I’ve just laid my hands on an STX like yours having been inspired by your putting so looking forward to seeing these next set. Keen to understand if you’d ever change your putter to another one !

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