Oh perhaps I am a little pre-mature with this bold prediction. But Jon Rahm is going to win the Masters, the reason I know why is he is the only top player that I did NOT bet on. My misfortune can be your gain.

I’m taking one for the team here. Get your online Sports book accounts open, yes sports betting is legal now in the USA. Take Jon Rahm for $10 or $100 or even $1000 for the bold (that pays a handsome $10,000 at 10:1)

Rahm is also my least favorite top player just behind Dustin Johnson. I personally know Dustin a little and have never met Rahm. I think Rahm is a MEGA talent and he’s ready to break out here and win the Masters. DO NOT DRINK THE BRYSON cool-aide here and bet on him as a favorite. HE WILL NOT WIN!!!!

I do LOVE to gamble, so call me a gambler if you must, but I have a very strong feeling that Rahm is going to break through and grab his first major. OTHER TO NOT BET ON: TIGER…..No No No No WAY!!! Rory cannot play 4 good rounds so no Rory. Dustin has a Masters hangover ever since Rahm through him down the stairs when Dustin made advancements towards Rahm’s girlfriend (now wife) a few years ago. That was when Dustin had that mysterious injury when he said he slipped and fell down the stairs, ya right Dustin. Forget about Wolff he’s not ready to win a major, but don’t count out Colin, he’s proven that he can play on the big stage, and he’s long enough for Augusta. I think his lack of experience there will be his undoing in the end. Xander at 16:1 and Patrick Cantlay at 25:1 are good bets.

Justin Thomas I am neutral on, I am not sure how he’ll do this week. I like him and his game and will root for him. I love watching my fellow SDSU alum Xander play with precision and style, so watch out for a Xander high finish.


Stay tunes

Xander Schauffele

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