The more you care, the more it hurts when you fail or falter. I debated initially about even writing about my recent disappointment and poor attitude this past week when I completely melted down on the final 7 holes with a commanding lead.

But because of you and the amazing comments and suggestions I have received, it again reminds me what actually makes this game the greatest game in the world. How many other sports can you enjoy with your friends at age 61 where you train, practice and inject your emotions and full attention towards. That defines golf and all the good things about it at any age.

In the end I have always said that the best part of this game we love are the people we meet, the friendships we forge and the fraternity created through it. All of my best friends that are lifelong have emerged through golf, these are men and women of integrity and high purpose in life. I have no reason to whine or be sad when I am lucky to have felt the pressure of leading a major event, and in the end it will only make winning all that sweeter.

I had the opportunity to hang with two of my best friends Mike and Mike, and enjoy several meals at Flemings, some great libations and conversation with actually little talk about the golf. Since we all are VERY passionate about one certain Presidential candidate, we did spend some time discussing what is now facing the nation. In the end the experience usually outweighs the result.

One of my friends when discussing the what had occurred always says something quite humorous, he said “Randy, do you know how many people care wether you make that putt or not in China? 1.4 Billion people don’t care or even know that you play golf, so the only person that cares is you, and the pressure you put on yourself is only coming from you” I thought about that and of course agree with it in theory, but easier said than done.

Since I have a few weeks until the California State Senior Amateur at Poppy Hills, on Monday I plan to go fly fishing (my second fav sport) in the deep mountains of the East Sierra’s hoping to hook up with some beautiful Brook trout, forget about golf and putting for a few days and come back with a vengeance.

I just got my Peloton bike delivered and had my first 20 minute ass kicking sessions which is probably the first time I have sweat in the past 9 months other than the work performed in the vegetable garden out back.

Thought I’d share with you additional proof why golf is the greatest game on the planet, this touched me and made me proud to have friends that care about me, love the game, and are just all around good people that you find in the game of golf. Check it out read below-


I just read your blog and wanted to offer a few words of encouragement

First, I just wanted to share how much I respect you and your love of the game for sharing your experiences the way you do.  Most people who do not play tournament golf have no idea how difficult it is.  You and I know differently.  It takes a person with great character (you) to write about and share their inner demons

Secondly, and more importantly I just wanted to offer my full support and encouragement to you.  I think you know my view of your golf game – quite simply, when you are playing well (which is usually the way you play against me) I believe there is not a single senior golfer in the country that can play at your level (there are not many mid ams also)

I don’t want to be presumptuous and offer any quick fixes or great ideas (I too struggle with short putts in competition).  The only thing I would say is as follows:  (1) focus on the process and not the result; and (2) fully enjoy and realize how lucky we all (elite amateur golfers) are to be able to play and compete at golf at such a high level.

I wish you great success and will be rooting for you at the CA Senior Amateur.  If there was a betting market for the event I would place significant funds on you.  In my experience in athletics, sometimes gut-wrenching defeats leads to great success by teams or individuals

All the best and keep your chin up

Your Friend



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