Hitting Solid Shots Into the Wind

Many of you are PGA Class A teaching pros, and perhaps you’ll agree or disagree with me. I’ve had the opportunity to receive instruction from some of the best instructors in the country, including Tommy Jacobs at La Costa while I was attending San Diego State.

Despite all of this great instruction I have my own philosophies on how to play better golf. I think it is very difficult to make major swing changes if you’ve been golfing a long time, your swing is your swing. Minor tweaks and different positions are all good, but I have found that to maximize your distance and consistency you need to focus on your ball contact, meaning hitting the ball in the center of the club face.

Even on the PGA tour you have many different swings from Bubba Watson to Jim Furyk, but what they all do very well is hit the ball in the center of the club face. One thing that is available to you are these face tabs you can put on all your clubs to see where you are hitting the ball. If you are hitting the ball low on the driver trying teeing it up higher, and lower if your high on the club face.

But where amateurs really struggle is flighting their ball especially into the wind. Very rarely do I just hit full shots on the driving range, with my 7 iron I am hitting low 100 yard shots, then high fading 165 yard shots going to some slight low draw shots. This is teaching my body what it feels like with the rotation and release to hit these without guessing on the course.

My favorite golf is in Ireland and Scotland because there you MUST flight your ball down. Most golfers from the USA just hit high full shots, head over the pond and get crushed in the windy UK conditions.

Hitting low solid shots is a must in this game, and practicing them is enjoyable and rewarding. Here is a short video on just a few things I do.

Hitting it solid into the wind

Stay tuned, next I’ll give you a MUST DO for all chip shots

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  1. Randy, as a former teaching professional I couldn’t agree more. As far the face tabs, you’re better off getting a spray can of foot powder. Cheaper, doesn’t create waste, etc.

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