I’ve written a lot about Bryson and the power he possess, and how the game has changed because of it. He clearly demonstrated that hitting fairways is not required to win a US Open if you can fly a golf ball 325 yards in the air.

Lets examine this new phenomena – lets take a 500 yard par 4 with graduated rough on both sides of a 28 yard wide fairway. Lets say the graduated rough is 10 yards on each side of the fairway. That gives these bombers almost 50 yards to enable them to have a lie that most likely they can advance to the green.

Additionally if Bryson flies a ball 325 yards with no roll, he then has 175 to a pin, but only needs to fly that shot 150-160 yards in the air, that’s a pithing wedge for Bryson and Wolff. The average tour pro is flying the ball just over 285 yards, which in this example would still leave 215 yards to the green. Even with a 7 iron out of the graduated rough its a very tough shot with over 10 degrees less loft. THAT IS NOT A FAIR FIGHT

So what will the USGA do to combat this length that these players possess rendering their rough almost a joke to them. They have three choices in my view.

  1. The USGA decided to cut the primary rough on Tuesday making it a lot easier for the bombers to negotiate, they will need to make the rough so deep that even the strongest golfers will need to chip it out. This I do not see possible, you’d need rough at 6-8 inches high to accomplish this.
  2. The USGA can roll back how far the ball goes, but still this will allow the bombers to have an advantage over the other players and would hurt the shorter hitters more than the longer ones.
  3. US OPEN course would need to be redesigned with more hazards and OB catching errand foul balls. Most USGA Open venues have very few hazards and OB. Torrey Pines the site of next years US Open is very similar to Winged Foot, with very few hazards and OB in play.

I sent a congratulation text to Bryson and today received a thank you! back from him. We connected when Bryson was only 7 years old, and then later in his career when he decided to try side saddle putting. If you ask him today, he still says that side saddle is a better way to putt than his current awkward way of putting.

Bryson is not the most liked player in world, but I have huge respect for him. Like I’ve always said, nobody knows what goes on behind doors, and Bryson has certainly put the work in to transform his body into a powerful machine that thumps a ball into the stratosphere.

I’d love to hear more on what you think about what the USGA can do to protect the course from the bombers?

My text to Bryson on Sunday eve was almost this”Dude, we both won golf tournaments today, you the US Open and me the Tracy City, I’ll trade you…lol”

More on this subject later- stay tuned!

5 Comments on “THE FUTURE OF GOLF

  1. The USGA could make the rough more penal
    As you get Nearer the green..4/5 inches let’s say..and that barometer could change based on the hole itself..200 yards for a par 5 to maybe 175 for a par 4..etc

  2. I say don’t impede the distance at all, let these guys go as long as possible. It’s like the steroid era in baseball, it was so much fun to watch. Golf is still such an incredibly hard sport, for example Brysons first tee ball on Saturday no. 1 tee was bombed he had a approach wedge in which he proceeded to pull, then he three putt for a bogey. His considerable distance meant nothing at that point because he still has to put the ball in the hole just like everyone else. It’s also just one Major win for him, let’s see if he goes four, five majors deep like Brooks. Even with all this distance in the game I don’t think we will ever see a dominating run like Tiger gave us in the early 2000’s.

  3. One guy broke par. The setup – in the fall…was pretty ideal.

    Nothing should be different.

    Bryson going to be Bryson.

  4. The rough as it was favoured the power of Bryson.

    The fairways were narrow/tough to hold so most the field had a poor % of fairways hit. So in a way Bryson had the best plan of bomb it then gouge it out the rough as close as possible. A lot of the other guys couldn’t move the ball as far out the rough, nor were they as far down the fairway to get it as close to the green.

    I think the rough should be long, but the fairways should be wide enough to hit and hold . Just firm up the greens so there is an advantage to hitting the fairway. Then let the best player win (which Bryson was anyway).

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