I’ll start by ranking the courses that I’ve now played in the Truckee area.

  1. Old Greenwood pros-beautiful layout with good holes and beautiful trees, in decent shape for a resort course. Cons- Its a resort course so the rounds are longer, its very close to highway 80 so there is some freeway noise. They use variable pricing so you can play for less on a weekday later in the afternoon
  2. Martis Camp Club- Pros the condition is very good, and the holes are nice. They have a great finishing 18th hole with a spectacular clubhouse up on a rock bed. Cons- its very private and thus impossible to play without a member. Lots of snooty rich members, and the holes could have been better designed. But sill well worth playing.
  3. Lahontan Golf Club-Pros-very similar to Martis camp in many ways, very well manicured course with beautiful views and practice facilities like MC. Cons- private and hard to get on. Many holes could have been better designed
  4. The Golf Club at Grays’ Crossing- Pros- Very nice resort course and well worth playing. The holes are well designed and the condition of the course is typically quite good. Cons- like Old Greenwood its a resort course so its a slower round than at these private clubs. Practice facilities not as nice as others
  5. Schaffer’s Mill Club- Pros not much here, a few good holes on the back nine Cons- its an expensive disappointment with very poor course conditioning and poorly designed holes, I heard the whole development is in trouble, and I can see why. I would not play this course.
  6. Northstar California Golf Course. Pros- if you are a beginner and don’t mind very poor conditions, Northstar is ok. It goes from a meadow on the front nine to a crazy tight back nine. Cons- very poor course conditions and very slow public course with NO practice facilities. I will never play this course again.
  7. Coyote Moon Golf Course- I have not played this course but have heard its a nice public course, so I would consider playing it in the future.

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