PUTTING – How important is it to putt well – PUTTING LESSON FROM DAVE STOCKTON JR.

It’s an obvious answer to this question. You can do some things in golf very mediocre and still compete, but putting is not one of them. Putting poorly is not going to result in tournament wins or even a possibility of competing.

I’ve won small events with poor putting, recently I won the Oakland City and Concord City tournaments with very suspect putting. But would never come close to winning some of the bigger events that I have aspired to do well in.

So how did I even beat 10 other players this last weekend in the smoke and heat at the Concord City? I did something the pros do all the time, I finally changed putters and gave up on my old faithful STX Side saddle putter and when to the very first putter I used over 20 years ago. Its a Jack Koski “so easy” putter made in his garage. It has a much more solid face so I don’t have to hit my putts so hard, especially on slow greens like at Diablo Creek in Concord.

Sports Psychologists always tell me that you need to show your brain something new, either a new putter or new grip or method of putting. Since I spent $5,000 on a Hypnotist (which made me putt worse) I have finally decided to go with an old look that was good to me in the early years.

On day 1 at Concord I had 27 putts as opposed to 42 and 43 putts at the Truckee event that I bombed out in. If you want to putt well in competition you need to be comfortable over all length putts and not just some certain lengths.

All the top professional players change putters and usually go back to something from the past that they’ve had a positive experience with. Also I think getting a putting lesson is WAY more important than a swing lesson. The foundation of the game is on the greens, you need to have the right feel and technique otherwise the rest is rather mute.

My good pal MM just went to Dave Stockton Jr for a lesson last week in So Cal. he said that Jr had him firm up his left wrist and forearm, while creating more pressure on his overlap left pinkie on top of his right hand. He then said he looks at the cup and then back, but right before he strokes thee putt, he looks about six inches in front of the ball and then quickly strokes the putt.

How did he putt at Concord, well lets just say he made almost every putt he looked at and even called then going in before he hit them. That is not being cocky, that’s the confidence you need to have with your putting to putt like the pros.

And as always I roll quickly here and do not proof read my work, so sorry in advance for typo and gramatical errors.


3 Comments on “PUTTING – How important is it to putt well – PUTTING LESSON FROM DAVE STOCKTON JR.

  1. I really like Jackie Burke Jr. putting philosophy, he teaches that same look and fire method. Don’t take a lot of time and he’s also opposed to taking a bunch of practice swings w the putter. In his book he teaches the visual of not one line to the whole but a big swath of yellow paint. Great blog as always Randy.

  2. Randy,

    Had the pleasure of having Ken Howe on my bag this past week at The Preserve Golf Club.

    I’m a 5.0 index golfer from Tampa, FL (Old Memorial) and a long time subscriber to your blog.

    I converted to face forward putting about 4+ months ago. Using a Bobby Grace F-18 Switch Hitter.

    Being self taught, I’ve been inconsistent with my results and Ken thought that you wouldn’t providing an assist.

    How would I go about seeing if you could give me a hand with my putting?

    Thank you!!

    Paul 631-831-0613


    • Hi Paul,

      I certainly love Kenny and always happy to help a fellow saddler. I would start by going to my YouTube channel and looking at some of my video instruction on side saddle putting. Then if we have a chance to get together I would be happy to help you!! Stay in touch my cell is 415-370-1758

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