I had a draft post about my two rounds at the Antioch City and decided that nobody wants a hole by hole of my horrible bogey, double bogey start, and the yipped 3 and 4 foot putts ending in a 69-69=138 total and a 4th place finish. The course has 4 easily reachable par 5’s and two drivable par 4’s so par is really 66.

The problem is that when you’re standing over a 3 foot putt and know that your going to miss, guess what…your going to miss. I used to have the yips with my chipping and became famous for my sneak attack chipping. I’d assess the chip, walk around looking at the sky and then walk straight into the chip and hit it before the Demonds could interact with my brain.

I’m now doing that with my putting. I’ll look at the putt, assess it and then without a practice stroke hit it quickly. And my goodness I putt side saddle to prevent these F_____Ing yips.

Of course I am violating everything I was ever taught by my swat team of therapists that all said you CANNOT admit or ever talk about the YIPS. You need to think your the best putter in the world. I tried that and it does not work.

So what is the answer? I’ve tried every possible variation of putting grips, and none seem to work. I putt half the time with my eyes closed, and half with em open and sometimes half open. Perhaps the lifelong amount of stress I’ve endured has taken its toll and frayed my nerves into this state.


This is another reason my putting has its nervousness, this stock has buried me for going on three years now. But what happens next with the removal of my pal Phillip DeChamps. Guys its a huge positive!! The people replacing him and rock stars in the finance and investment industry and will allow HSDT to reach its full potential. Phil was a marketing guy, had no experience running a public company and made mistake after mistake.

THE PoNS device works and will end up helping millions of people with MS. So is the stock cheap at $0.40 HELL YES. But the clearance from the FDA will not come for a while, sometime between 3-9 months from now. Then the sky is the limit for this company under its new leadership.

UP NEXT- Golf in Truckee, its a golfing paradise



  1. Good morning Randy, I enjoy getting your blogs.  I’ve moved to the Las Vegas area but as a native Bay Area resident I sure enjoy hearing about the local golfing scene.  Wondering if you can change my email address in your contact list so I can continue to read about the events, etc. in the S.F. area. New address: rkrkrich@gmail.com. Best regards, Rich Kelley

    • Hi Rich,
      Thanks for following my blog. I am not that proficient at changing emails. I think you can re-subscribe to the Blog with your new email. I hope you keep reading.

  2. What about the person that helped Brendon Todd. On a podcast he talked about the yips being similar to stuttering and using similar techniques to over come them

  3. Randy – you definitely gave me a couple gems, so I’ve got one for you to do some due diligence on: Netlist (NLST). They’ve been in a decade long fight with Google for patent infringement, but the CAFC just upheld their patent and it looks like Google is going to owe BIG. It’s definitely an IP play but not a trolling situation, Google pulled the same crap with Sonos and Oracle, the latter was WAY less egregious and they settled for $3b. Check it out.

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