In golf, it doesn’t matter what political affiliation, religious beliefs or what your race creed or color is. This is a sport of commonality, a sport of understanding how challenging and difficult it can be at times. It will test your patience and calm.

We’ve seen displays of poor behavior even from the best players in the world. My favorite being when the normally fairly cool headed Rory McIlroy launched his 4 iron into the middle of a lake after a very poor shot. It wasn’t that one shot that got him, it was an accumulation of a tough day with a lot of bad breaks.

Most of have snapped, some more than others. But in the end the game is a game of integrity and union amongst those of us that love and respect it. I have forged my greatest friendships through the game of golf. I have met individuals that without golf, would have never met. It’s truly the one sport for life that allows us to meet other fellow golfers of any skill level and share one common love.

Recently on a trip to visit my father in Houston Texas, while dining at the very best high end Steak House in the Memorial area, I started a conversation with our excellent waiter. He recognized the Olympic Club logo on my golf shirt, and instantly a bond was forged of two guys that love golf, and respect the game.

I mentioned this golf blog to him and he said he’d follow it. In a few short weeks, I would say that I have a new friend, and someone that I will look forward to playing a friendly round of golf with on my next visit to Houston. I have met people like this all over the world, where I am constantly reminded how like-minded golfers are in their passion for the game.

I share my golfing stories with you not to monetize this blog, the opposite is true, I have turned down every opportunity to advertise on this blog. This blog is just about an amateur golfer that has been blessed to play in many amazing events around the world at some of the worlds best venues. I enjoy sharing with you how I prepare for competing at the level I aspire to compete at. I have some many crazy golf related stories that I enjoy sharing with you, both good and bad.

This is the comment left by my new friend in Houston I wanted to share with you:

Really great story about your beginnings in golf and all the hard work you had to do to make it happen. I was a part of the first tee program here in Houston. We could play free at three of the city’s municipal courses, I was also obsessed, I would walk 36 a day in the Texas heat. I did that for about 3 summers, my goal was to break 90. I called my grandparents when I first shot 89. They were very supportive of my game. Your blog brought back old memories for me, thanks for sharing your story.

Since COVID 19 we are all living in a different world, with different rules. Instead of going to Europe and playing in the Senior Open and Amateur, I am playing in the Livermore City. This is not a major event by any stretch, and perhaps it will be impossible to play because of the smoke we are experiencing in California. Right now I cannot even go outside to tend to my Vegetable garden.

During these unprecedented times, I hope you are all safe, and able to enjoy some golf wherever you may be.

I’ll be back with photos of the smokey Livermore City at the public course called Lone Tree.

Stay Tuned

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