Today I am playing golf at the Olympic Club with my best pal and best ball partner Jason Anthony. Our opponents will be DJ (Dustin Johnson) age 36 and his caddie brother Austin Johnson age 30 I think.

Dustin former #1 in the world (now currently ranked #5) and 2016 PGA Tour caddie of the year and acccording to Forbes Magazine, Austin was the second-highest earning caddie on the PGA tour in 2017, behind Rory’s former bagman JP Fitzgerald, receiving a cool $1.6 million. Versus #2000 ranked amateur in the world Randy Haag and #452 ranked amateur in the world Jason Anthony.

We are going to propose a one best ball bet of $1000 a man for 18 holes at the Olympic Club Lake at 12:30 today. Oh I am suppose to keep this game quiet, but since the Olympic Club is still on lockdown nobody will ever see us.

I am going to propose to Dustin that if he loses he will also need to give me a 5 minute interview where I’ll ask him the craziest questions ever asked of him. And If I lose I get a 10 minute interview that I’ll post here and on my YOUTUBE channel (subscribe to it if you’d like). I have history with Dustin dating back to 2007 when we both played in the USGA Amateur at Olympic Club and both made match play (me being the oldest player in the field to do so).

We share many other common things like our Caddie, but not his brother. I introduced Bobby Brown to Dustin at the US Amateur in 2007, and they went on to win every year on the PGA tour staring in 2008. Bobby was my caddie from 2001-2004 and then went on to caddie for Matt Bettencourt and others before meeting DJ.

Bobby called me up before the US Open at Olympic Club in 2012 and asked if I’d spend the week working with Dustin. Of course I said yes. I worked from Monday thru Friday when Dustin shot +9 for 36 holes and missed the cut by one. Over 36 holes Dustin made one birdie on his 35th hole the par 5 17th hole.

If you look way back in the archives of my blog you’ll find my interview with Dustin posted along with a fun interview with Butch Harmon, check them out if you can find them.

What happens today is Jason and I take down these two studs and with video evidence we get paid (no credit will be accepted). If we lose, and possibly press and lose, it will cost us $2,000 each. Probably a fair deal for getting a 10 minute interview with DJ. He hasn’t agreed to any of this yet, and my hope is he will actually answer all my questions.

Here is a sneak preview of the questions I want to ask him:

  1. How does it feel to take (or lose) money from two amateurs with severe physical ailments (including mental) on their home course?
  2. What are your top 5 favorite courses in the world?
  3. How much shorter does the ball fly here in SF in August vs. last week?
  4. How do you honestly feel about Harding Park, and Harding vs. the Olympic Lake course?
  5. Do you know who’s dating Amanda Balionis?
  6. What is the question the media always asks you that is your least favorite question
  7. Who are you favorite players to play with in practice rounds in money games, and also in tournaments?
  8. What do you think of Bryson new found distance and what he has done to his body?
  9. What are you yet unfulfilled goals in golf?
  10. What are your favorite sports to play?
  11. Do you and Wayne play a lot of golf together?
  12. Where is home for you now?
  13. What do you need to do well at TPC Harding to be in the hunt on Sunday?

OK that’s a rough draft of questions I will ask of Dustin, If you have any additional ideas on questions please send me your comments NOW. Tee off is in 4 hours.

OK, because I played in the NCGA Stroke play and California Amateur my world ranking plummeted with a 66th place and 130 our of 156 player finishes. So why play in these events against the kids when I shoot 77,79, 76 78. It was horrible golf and I hope to start my rise from 2000 ranking in the word to back in the top 25 in the over 55 ranks. I am currently the 32 ranked senior amateur in the world, down from 8th at the end of 2019. The new power ranking really punishes poor play, and moves you around the ranking quickly. I hope to improve next week when I compete in the NCGA Senior Match play at Poppy Hills and Spyglass Hill.


Watch out for the company to soon submit their application for MS to the FDA. This will move the stock higher before and after the announcement. I think the stock will pull back after its rise after submission, and then eventually climb back to old highs (over $10 a share) once approval is granted in 4-8 months from now.

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  1. Question: Dustin, do you think I should lose my amateur standing for betting on golf against one of the top pros in the world?

    Question: Dustin, do you think Pete Rose should be in the baseball Hall of Fame? What about Barry? If I beat you today, what are my chances of making it into the Golf HOF?

    Question: Has a woman ever beat you playing from the same tees? If you played against the top 100 women players from the woman’s tees in a three day tourny, what would be your odds of winning. My brother and I would like to set up a Bobby Riggs vs Billy Jean King type of TV tournament involving you and some top women players. Would you be interested? How can we set it up to be competitive? Take away your driver?

    • Question: Dustin, I know you support several charities. Do you support treatment for mentally ill golfers? As you know, I have been diagnosed with a disorder, and it has effected me in many ways including in golf — which is a highly mental sport. You gotta control your mind. When I three putted today my disorder put me into a depression andI may never play golf again, unless I get some help. Maybe you could donate you winnings today to a charity I co-founded for treating crazy golfers with yips and gambling addictions.

  2. can’t wait to read about your match and that interview with Dustin😎😍

  3. Randy, I love your blog. Respect your accomplishments in the game. I’m also a personal friend of Amanda. Not sure what that question is doing there, seems to be prying into someone’s personal life. I’m 110% sure DJ will say “I have no idea” if asked but my opinion is your attempt to ask lacks class.

    • I tend to agree with you, it was meant to be a joke at first and I would have never asked Dustin that question actually. Thanks for your comment

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