Why the hell did I use 76 on the North and 78 on the South course as my under/over numbers. I laughed to myself when I made a par on the tough 490 yard par 4 18th hole on the North to shoot exactly 76.

But on day two on the South course I thought what a joke 78 was, as I shot -1 35 on the front nine. My tendency in golf has always been to migrate to the cut line or qualifying number, and again I did it with my silly under/over prediction and shot a whopping 43 on the back nine for a 78.

Perhaps if I had predicted 71-74 you all would have bet against me, or at least rooted for the over. The mind is a powerful tool, and having goals and challenging yourself is always a good way to shoot lower scores.

I still remember when Johnny Miller spoke at the US Amateur dinner in 2007 at the Olympic Club, he said he sets a goal for every 3 holes. If its a tough three holes he uses par as his target goal, it there are easier holes then its 1-2 under par. He said it worked magically for him.

I used to use his formula and it seemed to work, on the tough stretches I would focus hard to grind out pars, and on the easier holes was more aggressive to make the birdies in the goal. It may sound cliche, but I think he gave us all good advice.

Perhaps these modern day bombers like Bryson look at every hole as a birdie chance when you can drive the ball consistently 350 yards. Even a long par 4 at 500 yards is now a short hole. So Bryson perhaps thinks in his mind that every hole is a birdie hole. The game has certainly changed.

Seems like -20 or better is required to win every tour event. I certainly hope that’s not the case at the PGA Championship at TPC Harding Park. This converted 72 par to 70 will still play short for the bombers. The 18th hole is long, but not if you can fly it 300 yards over Lake Merced leaving less than 100 yards in. The shorter hitters will need to play off to the right having 175-200 yards into this narrow green.

Stay tuned for some video of a very young side saddler

15th hole on the North Course, its 200 yards downhill but only plays about 165 yards

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