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I’m not sure how many people have played around with this technique, but yesterday was the first time I personally ever tried it, and OMG I was shocked.

I played Edgewood Tahoe with a good buddy of mine, we play $100 a hole. Not really an ideal time to try something this completely new, but it worked so well I hit every shot with my left arm in line with the shaft. It was blowing 20-30mph yesterday at Edgewood, making solidly struck shots more important than ever.

Why did this work so well for me? My guess is that my whole life I’ve had a unique swing that takes the club upright with a slight loop coming into the ball. Its my swing, it works OK, but I’ve always thought I could improve on it. I’ve taken hundreds of lessons from top tier instructors and they have been able to help me with minor tweaks like getting my weight more on my right side.

But when my body aches and my range of motion is less than ideal, I struggle. What I love about the single plane setup is the tilt down of the right side getting more weight right at address. This helps a lot when your range of motion is not at its best. I found the single plane allowed me to easily get back to the ball with a very square club face.

Honestly I was shocked, especially with the driver, I was bombing drives further than I have been recently hitting them, with very solid contact. I don’t think the single plane technique is right for everyone, but for me I believe it will help me a lot in upcoming tournaments.

You can find a lot of helpful video’s on YOUTUBE, here is one of them

check this out, it works

Still coming are my top global courses I’ve played and why

Stay tuned

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