During these unprecedented times golf has become a very necessary way to escape all this craziness. Again this is intended to be a golf blog, but I just can’t get my arms around why we have groups like ANTIFA making our great country look pathetic to the rest of the world.

We all have our political views and beliefs, but its hard to refute that these well funded groups are causing irreparable damage to our country. How can other nations look upon us a global leader when we are completely out of control.

Golf has provided us a temporary escape from these trying times. Today I wanted to share one of my most favorite places on planet earth. Its a location where I can see the entrance into the Bay, the top of the Golden Gate Bridge, and three other world class golf courses Harding Park (Site of the 2020 PGA Championship) SF Golf Club and Lake Merced.

Take a quick look

My escape

Today at 1:40 I am again playing golf during this mini heat wave. But today I am playing Harding Park which is ramping up for the PGA Championship in about 2 months from now. I’ll have some video of some of the signature holes. The rough is very high and nasty, so I’ll be lugging a few extra balls with me.

Harding Park is a public golf course and well worth playing while on the west coast. Stay tuned on my upcoming video and what you should see during the PGA Championship at Harding in August.

Stay Tuned

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