PGA CHAMPIONSHIP AT HARDING PARK and the unique swings from Sunday’s skins game

Will the PGA Championship actually be held in early August? I can tell you that the place is a ghost town now, having played there yesterday. Yes there are some grandstands up, but no seats, no TV towers and no workers doing anything right now.

With the event just a little over 70 days away, will major championship golf return to an empty stadium. I say YES. I don’t think the powers to be in California and San Francisco will be ready to put in place an acceptable system to ensure the safety of the players, volunteers and spectators.

The rough is brutal, and at approx 7300 yards with the 9th and 12th holes converted to par 4’s from 5’s this will be a major test. But will the event really feel like a major to the players and fans watching live on TV?

We can clearly tell from the first televised golf this past Sunday at Seminole, that without the roar of the fans, it just looks like a couple of friends out playing golf. Albeit some good golf was played (despite the 3-4 water balls hit by Dustin) it was interesting to hear the players comments to each other after missing putts. Especially Dustin who did not get many putts on line.

With each player taking different layoffs during this Pandemic, you can clearly tell that extended layoffs even affect the best players in the world. It was especially interesting to see the 4 completely different swings each player possess on the back swing and set at the top, but yet how similar each is at impact.

All of our bodies allow different range of motion, and each player needs to find the optimum way to deliver the club with the most speed, while maintaining the right angles and position of the body at impact. This is exactly why I have always chuckled when players try to copy or emulate a PGA tour swing that will never work with the god given body that we are stuck with.

My advice to you is work more on your range of motion and flexibility, and then see how to properly fit it into your golf swing. Clearly Rory has the best looking swing of the 4 players, he is text book at almost every point of the swing, producing massive lag and speed generation. Rory is a physical specimen, he is crazy strong, crazy flexible, combined with massive hand eye coordination.

But when you exam the other 3 players you see VERY different positions and form. Ricky is so laid off at the top of his swing, I marvel at how he is able to transition into a near perfect delivery position at impact. If you look at Dustin at the top, you would NEVER think this guy was once #1 in the world. He is SOOOOOO shut at the top of his swing, that only his massive strength enable him to square the club at impact and keep it square all throughout the hitting area. But certainly not a swing to emulate.

You may want to try the Matthew Wolff technique of producing a huge leg waggle prior to starting his swing. He does this to feel the position he wants at impact. He’s a lanky guy that loops his club way outside only 3/4 back, and then generates massive lag on his downswing producing drives of 350+ yards.

This photo was taken yesterday at Harding Park. This is the view into the 18th green from about 165 yards. This will be a pivotal and challenging hole in the 2020 PGA Championship.

More coming on the best golf exercises you can do at home.

Stay tuned

2 Comments on “PGA CHAMPIONSHIP AT HARDING PARK and the unique swings from Sunday’s skins game

  1. Randy

    Cupcake…..PLEASE send me any & all exercises you recommend for increasing the backswing, rotating going back……….this old man is getting shorter & shorter backswing……….looking for stretching – turning etc etc going back.

    Thank you for the goodies!!!

    Love ya



  2. Randy and friends,
    Recommend viewing Dr. David Wright (PhD Biomechanics) and his Wright Balance Technology program. Body measurements put through an algorithm that assigns a golfer fixed stance widths… WBT terminology and based on my measurements, I have an upper-core swing. Doc is based in southern California but has certified PGA pros all over the country who can do measurements.
    Paul Daniels
    St. Augustine FL

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