Just a look at an old video from the US Senior Open when the commentators said perhaps a lot more players may look to Side Saddle putting. But sadly that has not happened.

Take a quick look at this clip.

Check it out the technique

The reason why the Pro’s have not converted is simple, it takes a long time to adjust to the different speeds and length of putts. It took me well over a year to get proficient at judging the speed especially on my longer putts. But then I had a run from 1997 to 2005 when my side saddle (FaceOn) putting was my biggest weapon in my bag, and made me feel like I could win almost anything I entered. Sounds cocky I know, but if you lack confidence in your putting, good luck trying to win a major tournament coming down the stretch with the pressure cranked up.

Go to YouTube and check out some of my videos on the technique required to putt well using this method.

And let me know how it goes.

I’m off to Harding Park for my 2:20 tee time with my good buddy (non Olympic member so cannot play there yet with a guest)

Stay Tuned

One Comment on “SIDE SADDLE PUTTING 101

  1. Thanks Randy, for that video clip; I’m two years w/ SS as a cure for my yips. Now using a 47 inch center shafted 2 ball putter. Two weeks ago, I made a 50 foot downhill birdie putt on the par 5, #10 at Palatka. A lot of fun and suspense watching that putt crawl down to the hole and break about 3 feet in the last ten.
    Paul Daniels
    St. Augustine FL

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