One of the most popular questions I get is what clubs should I buy. That is a very good and important question. The two most important factors are what looks and feels good to you, and how properly fitted you are.

I would take a great fitting over look and feel, as fitting has more to do with the proper shaft, then the proper head configuration. In this day and age of high technology, it is relatively easy to find a way to get properly fitted. Both TailorMade and Titleist have rover fitting sessions at most all the local clubs in your area. Always ask and find out when they will be at your location next. Usually these fitting sessions are free, but don’t be foolish and reject a fitting if there is a nominal cost associated.

My own personal experience has been tremendous with both Titleist (for 25 years) and now TaylorMade for the past 10 years. They have provided me with balls, gloves and clubs, saving me 10’s of thousands of dollars on equipment. But honestly I would not use either just for a free golf set, I chose them because they have in my opinion the best options as a player to play my very best golf.

I think they also have the best golf balls in the game, and I switched from a Titleist ball to the new TaylorMade TP5x just last year. And in 2019 I recaptured Northern California Senior Player of the Year, and my world ranking as a Senior went to 8th. The ball does make a difference!

As you’ll see in the Golf Digest hot list for best clubs for 2020, all the top brands are well represented and have good descriptions of their equipment. The difference I believe is the fitting that is made available to the players, and TaylorMade is the leader in my opinion. This Wednesday I have a one hour fitting (free) at the Olympic Club, that will put me on a launch monitor to determine what equipment will be best suited for my club head speed, angle of attack, and smash factor. I am super excited to try the new TaylorMade SIM family of clubs in the Driver, Fairway SIM and Hybrids.

I think Golf Digest did a good job with this evaluation


So PLEASE use the pro’s that know how to properly fit you into clubs that will perform at the highest level for you.

And as always, nobody pays me to tout their equipment, I use what I think makes me compete at the highest level.

Stay tuned for more on Side Saddle (FaceOn putting)

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