The 12 exercises golfers should be doing right now

It all starts with fitness, which leads to mental strength and stamina. I PROMISE you that if you just do Jennifer’s exercise with the band around your thighs, you will notice a HUGE difference in your mobility and even more important, you will reduce or eliminate your back pain.

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The truth is on Thursday I turn 61 years young. Currently I am the 8th ranked senior golfer in the world, and my goal is to become #1, and to win a National championship in 2020. My sincere belief is that my best golf is ahead of me, not behind me. Perhaps that’s not realistic, but that is my mind set. My favorite saying “The golf ball has no idea how old I am” so why should I let that affect my mindset.

But it all starts with FITNESS, please make a commitment to join me in doing these amazing exercises. I’d love to hear your stories of success in 2020.

Here you go:

Stay tuned, and PLEASE try some of these, you’ll be glad you did!!

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