If its time to get out of your golfing rut, and improve every aspect of your golf game, it all begins with proper training. Forget about a New Year’s resolution they don’t work.

What does work is finding something that you can stick to, a routine that will immediately produce measurable results. Get your ass off the couch, and commit to doing something good for your body that will generate clubbed speed, and give you an inner sense of confidence.

This is going to be a very short post, as you have homework to do. Please click on this link and review what the 50 Best Golf trainers think work best for golf fitness. Amongst these is my TPI guru trainer Jennifer Fleischer.


You can see where all these fitness trainers are, find one, make an appointment and start doing something at the core of what will help you game most.

After surgery almost 4 weeks ago, I am training at home with a weight bench, weights and a training ball. I’m heading to the course to start swinging this week. I’ll have some video later this week. Until then, get a trainer and start doing something positive for your body and golf swing.



Let me know what you think, if you know any of these trainers or instructors?

Stay Tuned

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