Its been a tough and long 5 years living with the Yips. You cannot win BIG events with the Yips. The Yips have a way of escalating in and during big events, all self inflicted. So what is the cure, the answer to eliminating or at least getting them to subside long enough to compete.

I’ve tried different putters, different grips, putting with my eyes closed, partially closed, looking at a spot ahead of my line, looking at the hole. None of these have worked. I switched to faceOn putting in 1996 when my Yips were so bad I couldn’t make a 2 foot putt. Golf was not fun, and I was either going to leave the game I love, or find something that worked.

I found Sidesaddle putting, and for 15 glorious years some considered me to be the best putter they ever saw. I felt so confident that I could make any putt of any length. But the real winner for me was my distance control was crazy good. I rarely ever three putted any greens, even when out 60, 70, 80 and 90 feet away.

I mainly used a Jack Koski putter called so easy, it was very light and had a solid face. After it ran its course I found the STX side saddle putter to be ever more to my liking. But in 2014 on one certain putt, there was a BOMB that went off in my right hand, and to this date have not been able to find a cure for it.

Yes I can still win tournaments, but not the really big ones. I was able to get to the Final match in the Crump Cup two years ago, and just needed two putts on the 18th hole from 25 feet to win, and was unable to get that done.

More on this topic in my next post tomorrow, I am flying from El Salvador back to SFO from playing in the Costa Rica amateur.



  1. Have you considered working with the person that Brendon Todd worked with on his driving yips. He was talking about how the yips and stuttering have a lot of similarities and how his work through stuttering has helped him apply those strategies to golfers.

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