I sound like some kind of add with that title. BUT I do not accept any money for anything I write about on this blog. I’ve been given some side saddle putters to review and that’s it.

Additionally I haven’t tried to expand my readership in hopes to monetize what I write here. I write to you what I 100% think, feel, and believe in right or wrong. And yes I can be VERY wrong sometimes!!

But I am not wrong about increasing your clubbed speed, because I have added 4 mph of additional speed and I just started using this technique. Go too to learn more about this excellent method. Those I know that are using this, love it, and have had great success.

They have training video on the best way to utilize the different colored clubs to train with, so I do not need to provide you with training and videos. The also have some great golf warm up stretches that everyone should be incorporating into their pre-golf routine. The 3-10 mph increase in your clubbed speed equates to 10-30 additional yards, which can be a game changer. Don’t let the winter off season bring you clubhead speed down.

More later on the race for NCGA Senior Player of the year.

Stay tuned


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