Most competitive golfers know what it takes to play at a high level and be competitive. It takes more than a few casual rounds of golf to prepare for tournament golf. Tournament golf requires the type of preparation that any other athlete or business professional needs to dedicate to be the best they can be at their trade or sport.

So what are you doing to be the best you can be? Are you on a special diet? Do you work out 5 days a week? Do you practice your short game 5-7 hours a week? Do you play practice rounds under pressure to emulate tournament pressure. Are you stretching and doing Yoga to get your swing speed up.

There are ways to put a program together that incorporates many of the things I have suggested above. And that is to find a highly qualified TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) Instructor that can also help you with nutrition. The first thing thing they are trained to do is measure you body to see where you are most deficient in your range of motion, and then they design a program to address your areas of weakness.

In addition to this, I also believe that reformer Pilates is one of the best uses of exercise time for golfers. I have been back going the last few weeks, and I cannot believe I ever stopped.

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