Bouncing off life’s ups and downs, golf has been a roller-coaster for me over the past few months. After a very tough trip to Florida and Houston for the Coleman at Seminole, and then the Carlton Woods event in Houston, I considered taking some time away from the game and this Blog. We all go through life’s ups and downs, and between the significant drop in HSDT combined with some really shitty golf, I wasn’t sure I had much to write about here.

All slumps must come to an end, for both me and HSDT. What I’ve realized is that without the “rock bottom” we’d never fully enjoy the rise out of the hole. I’m not saying I’ve had any recent success, but I achieved a baby-step in finishing T6 in the NCGA Mid Am at Poppy Hills on June 8th and 9th with rounds of 72-70. Not quite in the same league as my best ball partner Jason Anthony, who lit it up with 67-67 for -8 total. Jason and I had some success in the USGA Four Ball at Bandon Dunes a the end of May qualifying T11 and making it to the round of 16. Jason is playing some inspired golf, and as a newly wed as of this past Saturday, he should have a great round today in the first round of the California State amateur at MPCC today.

So why today am I adding to my HSDT position? I’ve either been drinking too much of the HSDT coolaid, or I’ve found the next big thing that will eventually go up, stay up, and even perhaps go up 100X from the levels its trading at now. From everything I’ve heard, the device is working in Canada, and changing lives. They recently announced the addition of three new clinics, which I’m sure is due to the demand and results they are seeing in their first two clinics. Additionally the FDA is now only asking the company to run a 5 week PT (Physical Training) trial for 5 weeks. The FDA is interested in seeing the difference between just straight PT vs the use of the PoNS device combined with PT. My guess is at least 6-9 months will be needed to recruit, run, and present the results to the FDA. If then the PoNS device gets approval, there should be a significant rise in the shares (I think at least back to $10) I will admit there is a VERY negative stigmatism behind this company along with a very large short position. Who wins will be decided solely on the success of the PoNS device going forward. This is not for the faint-of-heart type of investor, but if you believe in their product, and its potential to help millions of people with any kind of brain disorder, then I would urge you to take a shot here, knowing that some patience is required. These share may trade all the way back to $2.00 or even lower, I don’t know. But as results keep coming out of Canada, I believe that we should see some buying coming in.

Since I am constantly in search of the truth, I will soon be sharing three things with you.

  1. A new and improved way to reduce inflammation and end your use of Ibuprofen, and other anti-inflammatory drugs that are harmful to your body.
  2. I will share a device with you that I have found which is being used by professional athletes all over the world that creates better blood flow, and healing
  3. I will share with you a way to save on 90% of all your Hotel bookings as you travel the Globe (it could be 100% but I am being conservative)

And lastly I will tell you more about the benefits I am getting from seeing a top professional hypnotist.

So in summary in my next Post I’ll show you how you can get pain free while increasing your blood flow, extending your life whilst staying in better hotels for less.



  1. When are these 3 items going to be posted as you say above?

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