Posted by: randyhaaggolf | March 22, 2019


I wasn’t sure if I wanted to post this, as many of these exercises are my “secret weapon” in golf. Then I realized I mainly play against the older guys and they are too lazy to try these:)

If you want to improve, stop watching Martin Chuck give you something that doesn’t work, and try these exercises and tell me what helped you most? I give you a money back guarantee that these will. Oh, there is no money required to do these.

Jennifer is the best TPI trainer I’ve ever worked with, and she knows what she’s doing. There is one exercise not on here that I will video that is my #1 exercise (and Jim Furyk’s). So stay tuned for that. But in the meantime try a few of these, the are NOT EASY!!

These specific exercises will significantly improve your range of motion and length of your backswing. And give you a LOT more distance on all your shots.


Let me know how they work for you!!


  1. I have four years to get in shape to take you on as a 55 year old senior. Hopefully your body will have broken down by then and I’ll stand a chance!!!

    • HAHA I love that, and good luck with that!!

      • I’ve only played two individual tournaments with you that I know of. I bested your score both times, but you were not at your best: 2013 at Stevinson Ranch for AGC California Medal Play, and 2012 NCGA Masters at Poppy/Spyglass. I clearly have your number… 😉

        I won’t keep looking for any others where you kicked my butt, I’ll just stop right there! LOL

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