103rd San Francisco City Champion Evan Peterson takes down defending Champion Jason Anthony playing great golf

Evan Peterson stands all of 5 foot 9, and barely weighs in at 165 pounds, but can he flat out smack it. This redshirt junior at St Mary’s can easily drive a golf ball 300 yards+ off the tee, check out his powerful swing.

Evan smacking a long drive on the 33rd hole, his final hole of the match

Now take a look at Runner up Jason Anthony’s powerful swing on the final hole.

Jason’s final tee shot on the 33rd hole of the match

What you’ll notice is both players backswings do not reach parallel very similar to John Rahm, but look at the tremendous power they generate with their lags on the downswing. You do NOT need a super long backswing to generate power.

When I started watching this match on the 10th hole of the second 18 holes of the 36 hole final, Jason was 3 down. What I witnesses from then on was some spectacular golf. On the 10th hole both players missed 15 foot birdies tries to hold the match at 3 down. But that’s when the fireworks started on the 11th hole playing 186 yards and  Jason hit a soaring 7 iron to about 12 feet, while Evan hit a poor shot ending up about 80 feet from the pin on the far right fringe of the green while the pin was back left. I gave Evan a 75% chance of 3 putting from that long range distance, and watching his putt race across the green I knew it was going off the green, until it hit the pin dead center and went in for a birdie 2.

Jason then calmly rolled in his 12 foot birdie for a heartbreaking tying 2 on the hole. The 12th hole was again another short game display on Evan’s part by getting a tough bunker shot up and in for a winning birdie while Jason was not able to get his bunker try down in two.

The killer was the 13th hole, just when Jason was going to win the hole 99.95% of the time, as he had an 8 foot birdie attempt, after Evan’s flop to the green raced over the green long leaving him a par chip from 25 feet. As he displayed time and time again Evan calmly chipped it in leaving Jason with a must make putt from 8 feet that didn’t find the bottom, and chance to get the match back to 3 down. 4 down with 5 holes to play is kinda suffocating on the player that is down, while the player enjoying the lead is looking to close things out on the next hole.

The long and tough uphill par 4 14th hole was well played by both players with tying pars to put Jason dormie 4 on the 15th hole. Here again from the left rough Evan hit a spectacular shot to a far left pin from a downhill lie in the rough. Jason last attempt for birdie failed making Evan Peterson the 103rd SF City Champion in grand fashion.

Both players played great golf with Jason hitting 29 out of 33 greens, but it was just Evan’s day. Ironically on day one of match play Evan and Jason exchanged words in the parking lot where Evan mentioned to Jason he felt bad beating his opponent 7&5 while Jason barked back, don’t ever feel bad, just step on em one at a time!! Before the final match Jason reminded Evan that the stepping on em comment was for the others, and not him. Well that didn’t work out so well for our defending champion, but to his credit he won 11 matches in a row, dating back to 2017 as the last time he lost a SF City match, VERY difficult to do, and has not happened many times in the 103 year history of this event.

And yes I do write about my best ball partner with Jason with a lot of love, he is one of the best competitors and most importantly best people I have ever known. I also did enjoyed speaking with the Champion Evan after his wining hole.

Randy Haag interview with 2019 SF CITY Champion Evan Peterson

Ron Kroichick interview with the SF City Champ Evan Peterson

Stay tuned for the Women’s SF  City Championship article that is next



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  1. Sorry your boy lost, but sounds like they had a good fight. Evan has a great looking swing. Thanks for the coverage!

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