Helius Medical Tech Update

This is primarily a golf blog, but many of you have taken my recommendation and have bought shares of Helius Medical symbol HSDT. My average purchase price is roughly $10 a share with the expectation that Helius will one day be at $100+ a share and help thousands of people in the process.

My opinion has not changed, and despite the request by the FDA for additional information from the company, they are not requesting additional trials on the companies Portable Neuromodulation Stimulator (PoNS) device. The time frame for FDA approval is still on track, and I believe will happen in the coming months.

Yesterday Oppenheimer began coverage on HSDT with an outperform rating an a $10 price target (which I believe is very conservative)

Oppenheimer recommends HSDT

Additionally the first patients are now being treated in Canada

1st patient in Canada to be treated by HSDT PoNS device

There is currently approximately a 3 million share short position in HSDT, that gives the opportunity potentially an explosive move on the upside when the companies proves that their PoNS device is a game changer.

With the stock currently below $6.50 a share, this is a VERY attractive to either average your share price down, or to establish a position in this exciting company. I estimate the company still has about $20,000,000 on their balance sheet.

My long term price targets for HSDT are as follows-

2019 $6 to $17 2020 $15 to $35 2021 $30 to $60 2022 $50-$120

These could be low estimates as over 2 million Americans alone  suffer from chronic symptoms of traumatic brain injury with a primary complication of balance or gait disability. The potential upside of this company is beyond what I’d ever put in writing. Nothing has changed but a drop in the share price due to a perceived delay in FDA approval.

I personally own a large number of shares, and I’m in no way being compensated by writing about HSDT. Golf is an expensive sport, if I can help you offset the high cost of the game we love is the reason behind giving you this important information. If you purchased shares of my two previous recommendations you did extremely well.

I will periodically give you updates on HSDT, but for now I would STRONGLY recommend you either add to your position, or buy an initial position in HSDT as I believe their amazing product will end up helping millions of people that suffer from many Neurological disorders globally.

Let me know if you have any questions




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