I’ve been a Titleist fan my whole life, and always believed they had the best clubs, balls and equipment for playing your best golf. They have been VERY good to me by providing me with equipment for 25 years and balls for 35 years.

But ten years ago I felt Taylor Made had closed the gap and was making better drivers and medal clubs than Titleist. It was very tough for me to move to Taylor Made that opened their arms to me and allowed me to play their equipment the last 10 years. However I still felt Titleist was making a better ball than Taylor Made, and they agreed to keep supply me balls and gloves as long as I used them in my competitive rounds.

I have faithfully played the Titleist ball until yesterday when I switched to the Taylor Made TP5 (I believe Dustin Johnson just won with it as well). It’s possible that the guys at Titleist won’t like what I am writing here, but I’ve always said that I write about what I think, what I experience and how I can stay true to you for reading what I write.

What I noticed was a much truer ball flight that I could control in the wind, and out of bad lies better than the Titleist ball. When I recently visited the amazing Kingdom facility at Taylor Made, Tom Kroll that runs the Kingdom suggested I try the TP5 and he gave me a dozen. The result is posted here for my first competitive round using this ball, and it was no fluke.


Ok -yes I believe I’m  swinging the club well, but the performance of the TP5 was very noticeable to me in many ways. The initial launch of the ball was superior, I could feel my shots better, and quite honestly I like the way the ball rolled on the greens better.

Additionally I believe the Taylor Made 790 irons are the best irons ever made, and I will continue to use them until I find something better which I think will be a challenge. Getting your equipment right is of paramount importance. YOU MUST GET FITTED ON A LAUNH MONITOR to maximize your numbers with the correct shaft and matching head that looks good to your eye. Working with a pro that uses a launch monitor is also of paramount importance. YOU MUST KNOW YOUR NUMBERS and then work to either keep them there or improve them, but why guess when the guys you’re playing against are using these technologies to their advantage.

Full disclosure, yes Taylor Made provides me with equipment (and now hopefully balls) but to be brutally honest I could play any equipment out there, I look for the best equipment that will help me play my best and compete and win at the highest level possible. I believe that Taylor Made has the best equipment on the market, and I laugh when I hear people that spend $5,000 on PXG golf clubs when they ARE NOT superior to Taylor Made. It’s just my opinion.

So in conclusion here is my advice to you for better golf:

  1. Quite eating the sugar and bad carbs that are slowing you down, get serious about a new diet and you’ll notice a huge mental boost on the course
  2. Incorporate a 3-5 day weekly exercise program, preferably a TPI golf specific program designed for your body. I’ll post the best exercises later this week
  4. If you play the Titleist ball, do a test with the TP5 ball you won’t believe the results
  5. Stay tuned to this blog, I’ll have more specifics on how to eliminate your putting issues, and the 10 best golf specific exercises to play your best golf




  1. Hey Randy, congrats on the great round!! Wanted to get your thoughts on the drop in HSDT and thoughts on the investigation? Does it have merit? Not sure you can talk about it, but wanted to see.

    Thanks and good luck in the city!

    Brad Payne
    Cell: 404.398.9991

    • Hi Brad
      I believe that HSDT is one of the best buying opportunities I’ve seen in my 35 year career. I am buying more at these levels and believe their device is a game changer. Hope that was helpful

  2. Randy— love the article on the TM TP5 ball. I assume you are referring to the new improved TP just released. Is that so???

    Rich Griffin


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