I know that must sound like a Martin Hall add for Revolution Golf. I am not knocking what those guys do, he is very knowledgable and passionate about golf and helping others.

Please remember this golf blog is written by an amateur for amateurs that love the game and want to compete at the highest level. So let’s get busy talking about how I plan to get better, and perhaps some of my ideas can help you.

2018 was a year of runner up finishes, British Senior Amateur, Northern California Amateur, Crump Cup, California State Senior Amateur, NCGA Valley Amateur. And a few others. Winning is like the best drug ever that you cannot buy, but only through hard work and behind the scenes dedication to your goal, will you ever achieve true winning.

I’ve known Jeff Wilson  for over 30 years now, he is winner!! Jeff has played as an amateur at the highest possible level. He is a humble man of few words. Since turning 55 Jeff has won every single senior amateur event he has entered (low amateur in the USGA Senior Open, USGA Senior AM medalist and champion, California State Senior Amateur Champion) to name a few. And when interviewed all this humble talent says is “I put the time into my game”. How I translate that is this guy worked his ass off to make sure he was unbeatable, and he is. I personally went head to head with Jeff in the California State Senior Amateur at the Preserve in the Carmel hills. Jeff was having a poor front nine in the final round allowing me to gain a three shot advantage until I four putted the eight hole, three putted the 9th hole and then shot 33 on the back nine, only to be passed by Jeff’s 31 on the back nine where he finished with birdies the 15, 17 and 18 hole. This is no accident or lucky thing that happens to winners. Bernhard Langer is another example of a guy that works his ass off to compete at age 61.

Do you want to win? or just become a better golfer?

I do not believe in New Years resolutions so my plan is always to make personal changes in Nov/Dec before the New Year begins. This year it had to be a severe change in diet and exercise. I realized that I was finishing second because I was getting weak (no workouts ) combined with a very poor diet. So I changed both, I’m now on the Keto diet (lots of good fats, low carb, no sugar or gluten, no processed food, and occasionally I cheat by having more than 4 ounces of red wine). I basically stopped going to the gym a few years ago and got fat (218 pounds at 6 feet tall) NOT GOOD!!!

So I found my personal rock bottom and said NO MORE, I’m done with the scones, the red vines at the movies, the pies at Nations, and all the crap they serve at Peet’s Coffee and Starbucks. YOU DO NOT NEED ALL THAT SUGAR, AND EVERYONE IS WALKING AROUND DEHYDRATED. I now drink half my weight in ounces of water (I hope that goes down soon) I am drinking bullet proof coffee in the morning, and having only two meals a day with an 18 hour fasting. OMG the results….they speak for themselves. My first competitive round of golf of the year was yesterday, here are the results.

San Francisco City Golf Championship Qualifying Results

Ok so I won this qualifier in the pouring rain by 5 shots, what happened today in my first match 6&5 win with zero bogies and 4 birdies. So including my practice round on Monday of 69, I’m -12 for 49 holes at Harding Park in wet and tough conditions. Ok that’s just a few rounds, but the biggest improvement is my mental game. I don’t have all that sugar and crap fogging up my mind. QUITE EATING THE CRAP, AND START DRINKING WATER PEOPLE THE RESULTS WILL BLOW YOUR MIND!!!

It’s pretty simple why in his late 40’s that Phil Mickelson has 125 MPH club head speed, and hits it a mile. HE USES SPEED STICKS TO IMPROVE HIS CLUB HEAD SPEED. You can subscribe to Revolution golf and get their 100’s of tips from all the different pro’s but its a hodge bodge of information about what kind of player? A high handicapper, a low handicapper or for the general public? I am NOT knocking those guys, they are passionate about what they believe in. BUT if you don’t start at the core of the problem which is your BODY, all the other stuff is not going to be very effective.

Do you have goals for your 2019 and your golf accomplishments? Where do you need to improve most. There is NO substitute for confidence, and confidence cannot be fraudulent, your sub-conscious knows when you’ve done the work necessary for the shot you are playing to be a natural motion of your body and not guess work.

I am posting right after this about equipment, and a new ball that may make a huge difference in your game.




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