First post of 2019 will be about a company that I’ve written positively about and want you all to listen to an interview with their CEO, Phillipe Deschamps.


I am VERY bullish on this companies device that I believe will help millions of people in the future. Not sure it will help with the putting yips, but who knows.

I have taken my longest layoff from golf ever, as I’ve played one round since December 7th, and now will begin to train daily for the start of the upcoming season. My first event will be the SF City Qualifier on March 5th.

I am not a huge believer in New Year resolutions, but more so on assessing the past and making modifications in my daily life. Last year was a tough and emotional year that led to some poor eating habits that I have now broken.

Seeing the flexible 48 year old Phil Mickelson should be an inspiration to anyone trying to play better golf. YES there are way you can hit the ball further, but it will take discipline and an assessment as to what areas of your body need the most attention. You can NEVER go wrong by strengthening your core, and there is new technology that shows better ways to exercise than before.

As I’ve mentioned many times in the past, I am a huge believer in TPI training which is specific to golf and your body. I highly recommend you find the best local TPI certified instructor and get a session to start your new year off.

I’ll have more later on the new rules, sidesaddle putting and fitness in the coming days and weeks.


Stay tuned!!

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