If you have problems with your short putts, you should consider putting side saddle. I will continue to have video on the technique you need to putt successfully sidesaddle. STAY TUNED



  1. Can you do a video on long putts? I struggle so much with getting consistent contact on longer putts. I even “top” the ball occasionally, and I can’t seem to find anything that feels comfortable. Thanks!

    • Sometimes I use a short pop-stroke on the longer putts, making sure that you are always accelerating into the putt. I’ll do more coverage on some longer putts

      • I do the same (pop putt). I longer putts I have the ball closer to my front foot. On shorter putts a little more in front of me. If I use my shorter putt setup with a “longer” stroke I sometimes top the ball.

  2. Ther is a tendency on long putts to increase body involvement/movement and look up prior to striking the ball. The result is errant putts where you either top the ball or push it way off line. I’ve been able to improve accuracy on very long putts by 1, minimizing the tendency to take the putter back a long way; 2, using a regular stroke with a firm follow through; and, 3, keeping my eye focused on the putter striking the ball and not lifting my head up until after contact.
    Hope this might be useful for you. I really enjoy face-on putting and it has helped my enjoyment of golf much in the three months I’ve been using it.

  3. Randy, i recently started putting side straddle and really love it. I am a 3 handicap and have been putting this way for a month. I use a tossing technique with the right hand with the pointer finger of my right hand at the back of the putter to push it to the hole. I recently bought a Juan putt and find that the toe catches the turf on the backstroke as i try to grer more vertical with the shaft at address. Do you have this issue with the Juan putter? I use a center shafted 2 ball and dont have the smae problem.

    • Hi Craig,
      Glad you have joined the side saddle family. The JuanPutt is a very good putter, but each of us grip the putter a little differently, so your grip and stroke may be the reason why the toe catches. You probably need to tilt the toe up and hold the putter flatter. You also may be able to get the putter bent a little. Let me know how it works out- Randy

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