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A long time ago I posted “Golf is an expensive sport, this will help you make money to defray the cost” I gave you ID Watchdog at $0.08 a share. A year later Equifax acquired them for $.40 a share. The second recommendation I gave you a year ago was LifeVantage (LFVN) at $3.50 a share, it recently hit $13 a share.

This is NOT a stock picking site, I have been in the financial service business my whole career. Through golf I meet hundreds of high profile guys that all have ideas, companies and opportunities. I then weed through these opportunities to ONLY give you the ones that I like best. They must have these characteristics:

  1. I must know the management team, and have a very good feeling about their ability to manage and grow their business
  2. There must be a MAJOR event coming soon that makes the opportunity greatly underpriced
  3. I don’t like stocks that are correlated to the market (Beta of 1) I want to invest in companies that will perform well in up and down markets
  4. I must know the story and like the upside vs the risk, I want to stack all the odds in my favor
  5. The company must do something good for mankind
  6. The timing must be great, where the holding period to see a gain will be short
  7. I will always own a significant position myself, I never tout and don’t own

In conclusion the opportunity I am going to show you is one that moved me when I heard what the product did for a famous TV personality that at this time I cannot mention. He is a major owner of this company, and I sat with him and listened in amazement when I heard what his personal results were. Additionally one of my most respected friends that runs a hedge fund has this as his number one position and believes this will be the best performing stock he’ll ever own.

About 20 years ago I met Paul Stephens (Co-founder of Robertson-Stephens) after several rounds of golf with him he gave me a stock tip that he said was the best he’s ever had in his career, a company called Illumina San Diego based company. I did no research, and just bought it. I wasn’t patient and sold the stock after 6 months for a modest gain. After that the stock went up 100X, and I missed out on a MOON shot of a lifetime, where you could turn $10,000 into $1,000,000 in 5 years or less.

I’m not saying this opportunity will go up 100X BUT IT COULD!!!! I am thinking 10X is very reasonable based on Industry comps.

Do your own research, and once you see the potential this company has, you’ll want to own it and tell everyone you care about.

So here you go:

The company’s name is Helius Medical Technologies, INC symbol HSDT

these are the cliff notes on the company:

1)Pharmacology for Neurological disorders has basically failed.  While there are many approved drugs for symptom relief for MS, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s their therapeutic benefits are minimal with a host of side effects.  All efforts aimed at TBI, Stroke, ALS, and Huntington’s have failed.
2)An electrical approach to brain disorders makes sense.  The emerging science of Neuorplasticity (the ability of the brain to change in response to external stimuli) is gaining credence.  The are 2 books written by Norman Doige, “The Brain that changes Itself” and “The Brain that Heals itself” that are a good read and explain the science.
Helius is emerging as a leader in the field of Neuromodulation (utilizing electrical stimuli to the brain to effect neuroplastic changes) with a deep and wide patent portfolio revolving around utilizing the oral cavity as a pathway to the brain.
3)Helius has submitted an application for 510k approval with the FDA for their PoNS device with a label for “balance and gait disorder associated with Traumatic Brain injury”.  The published data from their well controlled clinical trials is extremely compelling having achieved a 75% rate of responders with a clinically meaningful improvement in a group of patients that had previously exhausted physical therapy.  Approval is expected with 6 months.
4)The lead indication has an enormous addressable market which they intend to initially exploit by working in conjunction with large worker’s compensation organizations.  This addressable market alone is in the billions as a course of therapy with the PoNS device will go for around $30,000.
5)Future trials are planned with the aim of gaining label extensions in areas such as sleep, depression, anxiety and other symptoms arising from MS, Parkinson’s and stroke.
6)The PoNS device is classified by the FDA as a class2 device meaning that it is non-risk.  In clinical trials there have been zero adverse events and a marked decrease in other markers such as headache and number of falls.  This means that the hurdle for gaining additional labeling or approvals is relatively low.
7)The present market cap of $225mm seems very conservative relative to the revenue opportunity and low regulatory risk.
8)Additonall information is available on the company website via the link and clicking thru to the investor tab.

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