Does every golfer have a bucket list of courses they want to play. Shinnecock Hills had been on mine forever. This past Saturday I was walking the streets of NewYork at 6:00 to walk to a Hertz rental location with my clubs on my back to rent a car for the drive to Shinnecock Hills.

It was worth the walk, the drive, and the trip to New York. Shinnecock Hills was everything I imagined and more. The visual presentation was spectacular, and like all courses on TV, you have no idea of the incredible elevation change until your there to see  it and play it. This is a VERY VERY tough course with very narrow driving areas, and tough tough par 3 holes. The view from the clubhouse out over the course is amazing.

I won’t name the stud players I had the pleasure to play with, but I will say that my partner is a member of Augusta National, and a very cool and fun guy. We ended up tying our match on the 18th hole, but during the round he was very keen on trying my side saddle method. I am going to send him a STX side saddle putter to try. But like with everyone else, the key is the technique, and making sure that the left hand does NOT MOVE when you are swinging the putter.

I am not allowed to talk poorly about my putting, as I will need to putt the “LIGHTS OUT” at Pine Valley in the Crump Cup this week to be competitive. With this tropical storm coming in, I would be surprised if the course will be fast and firm like I love it there. Regardless, its Pine Valley the absolute #1 course in the world.

I’ll have some photos for you of the changes made recently to the course, especially on #12. Stay tuned also for the STOCK PICK OF THE CENTURY. If your still holding LFVN, don’t sell it.

More later, stay tuned!!


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