After back to back weeks of 3 round tournaments in the Monterey/Pebble Beach area, my journey begins here in Southern California in Newport Beach for the USGA Senior Amateur qualifier at Big Canyon. This years USGA Senior Amateur is being held at the beautiful Eugene Country Club, where I have had success in the past.

After tomorrows qualifier I have a 9:30 pm flight out of LAX heading to London, and then St Andrews for the Senior Open qualifier, and Senior Open at St Andrews, followed by a trip back down to Wales for the Senior Amateur at Royal Porthcawl where I competed in last years Senior Open.

I feel privileged to be able to play and attempt to qualify in thesis amazing events. I am constantly working on ways to improve my play as I travel through various time zone, different weather, grasses on the course. Golf in the UK is NOT like golf here in the USA. I must say I enjoy the golf over the pond, as its very challenging, and requires tremendous imagination, touch, and skill.

Here in the USA, its more a bombers game, with length being a HUGE advantage. Don’t get me wrong, length anywhere is an advantage, but not as much over in the UK. One misaligned drive on the Links course can leave your ball up against the lip of a pot bunker with little chance to escape.

My focus these next two weeks will be to take one shot at a time, to stay patient, and try to avoid the big numbers. In the past few weeks, mental mistakes have plagued me most. I have spend a considerable amount of time thinking about being in slow motion, and feeling like my swing is more of an art form movement.

I am super excited for these upcoming events, and always enjoy seeing those players that compete with me in these upcoming events. This years Senior Open has the largest entries ever, there will be over 600 players in the qualifier vying for the ever few 24 spots. Last year it was closer to 440 players for 42 spots, making the odds more favorable.

Tomorrows qualifier will be closer to 90 players for I am guessing 5 spots to advance to Eugene Country Club in late August. So for now, its taking these challenges on day at a time.

The next time I post will be either tomorrow evening before my flight or when I arrive in London. I have some new stretching exercises that have been working great on my back that I will share with you.



  1. Good luck buddy. That’s quite a schedule. I love playing accross the pond. As you say it’s a completely different game. Good news is that you have all the shots so you can find a way “to get it in the hole”. “One shot at a time”, “stay in the present”. I’m out of any more poor mans guidance. Seriously best of luck. I will be following you.


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