I’ve spent hundreds of hours over the past 30 years trying to understand ways to most efficiently increase clubbed speed. There is NO easy answer, as each of us are different, many of us will never fly a golf ball 300 yards in the air.

But in my last post, I focused on why technology is important to incorporate into your golf preparation. Having 120 MPH club head speed does not necessarily mean you drive the ball any better. There are things like attack angles, and degrees of loft, and smash factor, and basically just the path of your club face. You need clubbed speed, but also you need your club path numbers to be consistently good as well.

Which leads me to a very easy conclusion, we need technology to tell us how to improve our club path numbers, while we need physical training to create “efficient” club head speed. Many golfers are blessed with god given talent and bodies with super fast hips and body rotation ability, while others just cannot get their club head speed to 90 mph regardless of what they do.

The typical golfer I see go into a gym, does some cardio, maybe lifts a few weights, and basically has no idea what any of that is doing for him/her. While a gym trainer may provide better body specific and proper technique training, I still believe you are NOT being as efficient with you workout time unless you investigate what options are available to you.

Last Friday I decided to get my ass back in gear, and torture myself with three training sessions in a row. The first was with Jennifer Fleischer, these are her credentials:

Jennifer Fleischer, TPI, FRCMS, CHEK
Certified Golf Fitness Instructor
Exercise Specialist
Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach
And she had me do these shoulder exercises that account for 20% of your club head speed. These may look easy, but oh nooooo they are not!!



I spent 11:00 am to 12:00 noon with Jennifer, and then headed to the Olympic Club where I met with the very knowledgable Carmen Solla, who also is TPI certified (Titleist Performance Institute). Carmen showed me some new equipment we now have at the Olympic Club called Queenax (or some refer to as monkey bars). What amazing equipment which provides us with a different way of doing very important exercises that will hugely benefit your golf fitness. Carmen’s main theme is to NOT always do the same routine, but to change up everything you do, while using different parts of your body and different muscles. THIS MADE PERFECT SENSE TO ME!!! My time with Carmen flew by and at 1:30 it was time to see my old friend Rebecca Robertson in the Pilates room.

Now Pilates has always been one of my favorite forms of Golf preparation and training. The reformer is an amazing piece of equipment that allows you to safely push yourself and do things that no other equipment can do. It is not necessarily easy, but will provide you with many benefits for your golf game. PLEASE DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND TRY PILATES, even if its mat pilates, you will love it.

All of this training is meaningless if you go and do it once. This needs to become a way of life, a habit that you can build upon. Your workouts always need to evolve, and keep your interest. You should invest in a highly skilled trainer that is golf specific, that understands your body, and will design a program to deal with your physical limitations.

Get off the coach, and get your ASS into the gym. I am tired of people saying oh you hit the ball so far, you’re lucky. I am not lucky, or even that talented. Many others hit the ball effortlessly past my with very little training, but they are very few in number. Your mental strength in the game is also connected to your physical preparation and toughness.

There are many things I still need to learn, especially about my breathing. If you stop learning, and stop working on your body, the world will pass you by. This can be fun, and will lead to other significant benefits in other areas of your life.


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