Golf is a game of finesse, feel, touch, hand-eye coordination and power. If you have one, but not the other, you can still play good golf, but perhaps not great golf.

In my era of great players, it was Corey Pavin that was the master of the short game, and almost won a PGA tour event at age 50. Corey is a short hitter, but still hits the ball in the center of the club face, which is MORE important than the actual speed the club is traveling.

Which ball will travel further, the ball at 105MPH club speed with a direct hit in the center of the club, or club head speed of 115MPH with a quarter miss low and on the toe of the club. The answer is obvious I believe, the 105 club head speed with a direct hit on the center of the face will fly further, have less spin, and will be more accurate.

So we must use technology to help us figure out what works, and what does not in our swings to create the proper swing path. I spend time with teaching pro Matt Kilgariff at the Olympic Club to work on exactly this, the proper swing plane that will create the proper path, smash factor and ball speed, spin.

One way to create more club head speed

Good drill to sequence your big swing for longer drives

To be continued


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