THE RESULTS ARE IN- THE NEW TaylorMade Equipment is the best ever

The goal of this blog is too keep the information real, no hype, no rambling on about stuff nobody cares about.

Golfers do care about equipment, and with so many choices to make, its tough deciding what to make a major investment in. Clearly the demo days are helpful, but with a lot of things in life, what you like today, you may not like tomorrow.

For me personally the biggest improvement in equipment is the current years TM M3 440 Driver, M3 Fwy 3HL-17 and the TM 790 irons. Of these, the M3 Fwy 3HL-17 is CRAZY GOOD. Yes this M3 Fwy club has 17 degrees of loft, which means I can get it in the air easier, and it goes straighter than my M1. Everyone is looking for better performance from their clubs, and tend to think that less loft will allow you to hit it further. Its the exact opposite!! You want to get the proper launch on all your equipment, and for me, I need higher lofted clubs as I tend to trap the ball and reduce loft.

This new M3 Fwy 3HL-17 was a MAJOR weapon and factor in my first WIN using the clubs in the San Francisco City Championship. I was routinely out driving my opponents with this club, while they were hitting their drivers.

The next biggest improvement is i the TM 790 Irons, OMG they are amazing! When I was tested at the Kingdom in Feb, my 770 six iron was going about 182 while the new 790 averaged 192 with a steeper landing angle, meaning it was coming down softer.

During the SF City Championship, I noticed a huge improvement in my iron shot accuracy and my ability to hit these clubs further when I needed a little extra. I would not call these clubs “overly juiced up” but just perfect for what I was looking for.

And last but not least, the new M3 Driver was definitely an improvement over my old trusty M1. I am able to eliminate the big miss right with this club, and it averaged over 7 yards longer, which is significant to me.

If your looking for more length and consistency, then you’ll need to do more than just get a new set of clubs. You’ll need to get into the gym, and work on golf specific exercises that will increase club head speed, and reduce late round fatigue.

In future posts, I will give you the best possible exercises that I believe will help you achieve this.

SO stay tuned for more on golf fitness, and where my 2018  golf schedule will take me this year, its going to be the best golfing year ever for me, and a special thanks goes to all my friends at TaylorMade for getting me off to a great start.


12 Comments on “THE RESULTS ARE IN- THE NEW TaylorMade Equipment is the best ever

  1. Great post. I’m returning to the game after a hiatus and need to get everything working again! Looking forward to future posts

  2. Looking forward to the fitness post. Thanks and congratulations on the SF City Championship!

  3. Randy, understanding that you’re loyal to TM, would love to hear your thoughts on the Callaway Rogue line vs. the M3 and M4 drivers and fwy woods. Thanks!

    • Hi Rob,
      I am familiar with the excellent Callaway product. I think Callaway and TM are making the best equipment (I think Titleist has fallen behind) I especially think the Callaway Hybrids are quite amazing, and better than anything that TM is currently offering. I think a good test would be to get the Callaway products you like vs the TM equipment on the Launch monitor and see how the numbers stack up. Let me know if you do that, I would love to know the results!!

      • i just picked up the rogue 17 degree and already a game changer for me ..curious to test it against the TM3…

  4. Randy
    Thanks for your TM notes and thoughts; congratulations on your play. Did you do anything with TM regarding different shafts? Did they recommend other than the stock shafts, flexes, kick-points?
    Looking forward to your next blog. Understand that Grant Waite is now using the GP putter and working on his side-saddle method.
    Paul Daniels

  5. hi Paul,
    I try many different shaft combinations when I am at the Kingdom, I couldn’t even tell you all the different one, I just go with what the pros fit me into. I think an off the rack shaft will have a wide variance of performance, which I would never buy off the rack product, I would use a professional fitting for sure- hope that helps

  6. Just a FYI here are the shafts they put me in
    GD Tour AD GP 60
    1 lower
    GD Tour AD GP 70
    GD Tour AD Di 85 hyb
    GD Tour AD Di 95 hyb
    Nippon Modus 3 Tour 120
    Nippon Modus 3 Tour 120
    Nippon Modus 3 Tour 120
    Nippon Modus 3 Tour 120
    Nippon Modus 3 Tour 120
    Nippon Modus 3 Tour 120
    Nippon Modus 3 Tour 120

    • Thanks Randy….high quality/high performance shafts from literature I’ve read and absolutely agree about professionally-managed fitting. Just working on my new stance widths from
      I measured as an “upper core” player and started using my shortest width for side saddle putting. Both feet are side by side about 12/5 inches apart. Really helps my balance on the shorter putts.

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