Equipment does matter

I had the privilege of spending an afternoon at one of my favorite places in the world, the famous Kingdom in Carlsbad California, where across the street Taylor Made has its home office.

It always amazes me how tiny little changes in even the weights on the bottom of a club can have such a impact on where the ball flies, how high the ball flies, and the amount of spin on your shots.

It doesn’t matter which product you end up using in this game we love, but I strongly suggest that if you buy equipment you must be properly fitted for the equipment especially at the point of impact.

Jason Werner A professional club fitter at the Kingdom, explains why this is so important in the video below.

Stay tuned for a whole series on golf fitness, and what you can do to improve your short game.

3 Comments on “Equipment does matter

  1. Hi Randy. Did you do a post on recommended face-on putters? Is there a clubmaker in the So Cal area you would recommend for face-on putters?


    • Hi Dale,
      I did do a review of all face on putters, you can see it in my previous blog library.
      Bobby Schaefer has a very good side saddle putter, I can steer him your way if you’d like?

  2. Randy
    Just spent time learning about Dr. Wright and Wright
    20 years of research compiled by him about core symmetry aligned
    with related stance width and grip size. Just got measured. Ball striking
    is improving. I’m using one of my measured stance numbers with my
    side saddle putting stroke….for me it works well…better balanced leading
    to improved contact.
    Paul Daniels

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