I got a little lazy towards the end of 2017 and ignored my blog here. But that being said, it was a brutal rollercoaster of some close calls in some major events. I had four  major events were I lead or was tied for the lead with two holes or less. And in the British Senior Open, I had a two shot lead with nine holes to go for the Silver Medal, and an exemption into the 2018 event at St. Andrews.

But probably the one that hurt the most was not the birdie, eagle finish by Tony Padilla to get me by one shot in the NCGA Senior Amateur at Poppy Hills, it was the 2017 Crump Cup, playing in the finals against my pal John McClure, I had two putts to win the event on the 18th hole, and failed miserably.

So instead of dwelling on those blown finishes, I choose to look forward and do everything in my power to finish stronger in all my events in 2018. So why did I blow so many chances to make 2017 an epic golfing year? I think the answer is quite simple:

  1. I was not properly Hydrated
  2. My workout regimen was lacking, so fatigue played a big part
  3. Once I blew one major, it got into my head, so the mental side weakened as a result
  4. I lost my focus, and was focused on not losing, instead of relaxing and just playing golf.

Even after winning many events in my life, it still is VERY hard to close out W’s in big events.

So what the remedy for 2018

  1. I will be more aware of my water and fuel intake during my rounds
  2. I will re-dedicate myself to a stringent GOLF workout routine
  3. I will spend time on the mental side of the game, with better course management practices
  4. I will breathe more, and stay in the moment when in critically important situations
  5. And probably most importantly, I will have fun while competing, this is my hobby that I love.

My plan for 2018 is to SIGNIFICANTLY improve this Blog, and to provide you with more helpful suggestions on how to train, practice, and improve your overall game. I will have more detailed suggestions on Face On putting with more putter reviews.

And lastly, I want to share with you one magical day that was spent at Pebble Beach in early December, the day started by first receiving from the NCGA the “Senior” Player of the Year Award, while my beloved best ball partner Jason Anthony received the NCGA Player of the Year award, followed by a round of golf at Cypress Point on a perfect day in December on the coast.

I took photos of Cypress until my iPhone ran out of power, so perhaps you will recognize a few of these photos taken at Cypress Point.


Playing Cypress Point should be on every golfers bucket list. The only challenge is you need to play with a member, which only about 240 exist worldwide))

8 Comments on “2017 IN REVIEW

  1. I’m more likely to play Harding Park than Cypress Point, but I look forward to your reinvigorated blog, Randy. Keep blogging!

  2. I always look forward to your posts, Randy! Keep grinding and competing, and trust what you’ve been doing.

    Sidebar: Any new thoughts on LFVN?

    • Thanks Nick for your comment!!
      On LFVN this company is growing its top and bottom line numbers, and still is unnoticed by Wall Street. 2nd quarter earnings should reveal they are on the right track to hitting the $0.40 to $0.50 per share guidance number. It’s a very attractive buy at this level, for whatever few shares may be available.
      I will be writing more on LFVN soon
      stay tuned

  3. My one and only trip around Cypress Point came when it was used for qualifying for match play in the state amateur, which was always played at Pebble back then. Mike Brannan was at the top of his game at the time. A round in the high 70s on the Ocean Course at Olympic got me in (different era). Here I am, in way over my head, playing Cypress Point! Needless to say, I did not impress anyone. But I’ll never forget that round, or the one at Pebble!

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