Firefighter BEATS Wedding Caterer in USGA Mid-Am finals

Some of the best golf ever played in the USGA Mid-Am was on display yesterday by Matt Parziale, punching his ticket into the 2018 US Open, Masters, USGA Amateur at Pebble Beach and a whole host of other exemptions including a 10 year exemption into the USGA Mid-Am.

Is this a life changing event for an amateur that probably spend $2,000-$3,000 to participate, and in the end received a medal for his efforts?

I would say HELL YES!!!!

I’ve been chasing this dream my whole life, with only 5 quarter final finishes in the USGA Mid-Am, and YES I would trade all 5 quarter final finishes for ONE W!!

This is what’s great about golf, you have two guys that have jobs, one a Firefighter and the other a wedding caterer, battling it out on a very challenging course, and the Firefighter shoots a cool 63 in the morning round. Of course YES, this is match play and concessions are made on some short putts, but 10 birdies over the 30 holes played.

My hat is off to Matt, and I am sure this will be something he will always be most proud of in his golfing life. His 2018 will be a Cinderella story.

But what happened to all the BIG GUNS in this years Mid-Am…..? It’s simple, they got beat. And in match play anything can happen over just 18 holes when its win or go home. To win 6 matches you need luck, skill, endurance, mental toughness and a strong will to win period.

This is not a game for the weak hearted, this game will rip your heart out, will kill you with disappointment and failure. BUT when its your turn, and you do win..OMG its nirvana to the 9’s.

I cannot image a much better feeling than perhaps watching your newborn come into this world. This game can make you or break you. But we always seem to come back thinking we could be the next guy in line to do what a Firefighter and wedding caterer did, which is play in the finals of a National championship, and make everyone that knows them proud as hell!!



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