What’s hard about writing a golf blog is that after a day like yesterday, I want badly to take a long time off from golf. The fact is that yesterday was perhaps the worst competitive round I played in 2017.

I knew on the driving range I was in trouble as I couldn’t seem to get my full range of motion working. I was slinging shots left and right. The harsh truth is that when your younger you don’t have many days where you can’t get properly loose on the driving range. As I have aged, its always a VERY good indicator of how I will play based on my range of motion on the driving range in my warm up.

I don’t like writing about my putting woes, as they come and go, but yesterday started with 3 straight holes where I yipped (eyes open) a putt from inside 4 feet and started off bogey, bogey, bogey, par , bogey.

On a VERY tough course with very little cushion to make match play, I was pretty much doomed off the poor start I had.

I am not a big fan of writing about my defeats, but in the end I need to learn from them, and make adjustments if I intend to compete at this level. I think the honest truth is that competing against the defending champion, Stewart Hagestad  (who shot 64 on the tough Crabapple Course) has passed me by. I believe that entering a tournament you cannot win, is a mistake, unless its a professional major, where there is a competition for low amateur.

My best ball partner and good friend Jason Anthony just finished off 4 time USGA Mid AM champion Nathan Smith, and is the guy to beat in this tournament. Jason is playing GREAT golf, and has a lot of confidence right now.

Stay tuned for more coverage from the US Mid Am


  1. Sorry to hear, Randy. I was out there walking with Jason on Saturday and a Mid-am course at 7,100 yds par 70 is pretty brutal if you aren’t scary long. I imagine given the rain it played even longer Monday. I was a bit surprised AN played tougher over the two days. What did you think of the course?

    • Hi Brad,
      Thanks for your comment.
      It’s a very good golf course, but certainly a bombers course (Although senior golfer Gene Elliott was 5 under in his match today)
      With the conditions wet, it was even more of a bombers course. My trajectory with my driver is low and piercing so this was not a good set up for me. The other Pete Dye course was way better for me.
      No sour grapes, but this was really a US AM course for all the young teen and college golfers not Mid Am’s over 40.
      Jason should do very well this week

  2. Randy:

    You played exceptionally the three days beforehand. Especially considering the conditions. I’m sorry that we couldn’t get it on track on Monday. You are truly a great player with lots left in the tank. Unfortunately we all have bad days on the golf course. Keeps us coming back. I really enjoyed carrying the bag. Hope I was able to contribute some. Let me know if you need a looper in the future. It was a pleasure getting to know you and your boys.


    • Thank you so much John for everything!!
      Meeting you and having you with me in battle made it a lot more enjoyable for me. I was just not able to get the train back on the track yesterday. I know we’ll see each other again, I hope it will be soon.
      Thanks, and all the best!!

  3. Randy
    It was great to meet a longtime side-saddle putter last Saturday. I’m one and a half years into it and progressing each day. I learned a lot from walking with your threesome on Saturday at AN. A key lesson learned was the importance of keeping it in play which you accomplished quite well. Especially liked your 20 foot birdie putt on #18. I too, cringed on the earlier lip outs. I recall the piercing cut you hit on your #8 tee shot, Mr. Dye’s 110 degree right dogleg. Such a severe angle…that tee shot was a classic “best fit”.
    Continue to wonder if there’s enough dedicated side-saddle putters across the country who might be interested in a two day event featuring only side saddle putting? Appreciate your thoughts.

  4. Hi Paul,
    It was a true pleasure to meet you last Saturday, and thanks again for coming out to watch me play. I think its a very interesting idea to have an all side saddle event. Let me think some more about it. Thanks for reading my blog and for your support!!
    All the best,

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