I had the pleasure of working with a wonderful 8 year old side saddle putter her name is Naomi.

She already has a VERY good side saddle stroke, and her dad is doing her a huge favor by starting her putting side saddle. Remember famous putting author Dave Pelz wrote that if he were to start a new golfer putting, it would be using the Side Saddle technique. I AGREE WITH HIM

Here are some clips from my lesson with Naomi, I think you all will agree that she already has a beautiful putting stroke, and she will make a lot of putts in the future.

Meet Naomi – she 8 years old

right leg forward left leg back

get behind your putt to make sure the putter is aimed at your intended line


Naomi making putts

A quick stroke

Walk into your putt on the intended lineNaomi making a great stroke

If you want help with putting side saddle, just ask. I am here to help you!!

Tomorrow I leave for the USGA Mid Am, I’ll have  photos from Capital City Club in Atlanta.



  1. Randy: Outstanding work from instructor and student! Its great that she has a fitted club too. About age 11 I started with a Walter Hagen stainless steel putter, 29 inch metal shaft, w/ hickory veneer, which came from my grandfathers garage. I can still make putts with it (cross-hand) but like my 48 inch GP side saddle putter with the Super Stroke grips a lot more. Using it from 4,8,12 feet to putt looking at the hole.

  2. Hi Randy! Really enjoy your blog.
    What putter is she using? Looks great!

    • Thanks for reading the blog
      I am actually not sure what putter she is using, I will try to find out!!
      All the best,

  3. Thanks for the blog posts Randy, I’m going to have to give this side-saddle putting a crack. I got a bonafide yip on my downswing with the putter, with my right hand, just it makes contact with the ball. Had it for a couple of years now and, I don’t need to tell you how frustrating and ridiculous it is! I’m going out with a lightening rod attached to my hat the next time there’s a storm. With any luck it’ll catch me on the greens and annihilate this forsaken infliction back from whence it came. Been putting left handed for the past year but it really doesn’t suit my eye. Hit 14 greens in regulation the other day and made all of two birdies. Now come on. I come from the same club in NZ as Grant Waite (also Tim Wilkinson, Craig Perks), another fellow side-saddler. The loot he would’ve made on the pga tour if he could only sink a putt! I guess you know the feeling. Anyway, I’m rambling a bit but I just wanted to say that I enjoy your blog posts and keep up the good work. You won all those amateur tournaments putting with your eyes closed! Your like Keano Reeves character in the Matrix!

    • Hi Ben,
      What a great comment!!
      It made me smile for sure. I am going to start writing a lot more, so share the Blog with others!!
      The YIPS are an evil thing!!!
      My best,

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