Posted by: randyhaaggolf | October 3, 2017


I had the pleasure of working with a wonderful 8 year old side saddle putter her name is Naomi.

She already has a VERY good side saddle stroke, and her dad is doing her a huge favor by starting her putting side saddle. Remember famous putting author Dave Pelz wrote that if he were to start a new golfer putting, it would be using the Side Saddle technique. I AGREE WITH HIM

Here are some clips from my lesson with Naomi, I think you all will agree that she already has a beautiful putting stroke, and she will make a lot of putts in the future.

Meet Naomi – she 8 years old

right leg forward left leg back

get behind your putt to make sure the putter is aimed at your intended line


Naomi making putts

A quick stroke

Walk into your putt on the intended lineNaomi making a great stroke

If you want help with putting side saddle, just ask. I am here to help you!!

Tomorrow I leave for the USGA Mid Am, I’ll have  photos from Capital City Club in Atlanta.




  1. Randy: Outstanding work from instructor and student! Its great that she has a fitted club too. About age 11 I started with a Walter Hagen stainless steel putter, 29 inch metal shaft, w/ hickory veneer, which came from my grandfathers garage. I can still make putts with it (cross-hand) but like my 48 inch GP side saddle putter with the Super Stroke grips a lot more. Using it from 4,8,12 feet to putt looking at the hole.

  2. Hi Randy! Really enjoy your blog.
    What putter is she using? Looks great!

    • Thanks for reading the blog
      I am actually not sure what putter she is using, I will try to find out!!
      All the best,

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