I’m not sure Protandim will fix your Yips, but it WILL slow down the aging process. This is not for promotional purposes, this blog is just my rant about things I am passionate about. Click on this link and you will not believe what you are about to read, which is scientific evidence (using an animal study) that Protandim works.


THIS is why I have pounded on my fellow golfers to buy this undervalued stock – LifeVantage symbol LFVN (now trading at less than 10 times forward expected earnings).

If you want to try Protandim or their other products:


Now about those YIPS, if you are not making at least 8 out of 10 putts from 3-4 feet, you need to make a significant change in the way you putt. I am not saying sidesaddle (FaceOn) putting is for everyone, but a change could even be to go cross handed, try the claw grip. Or even use a long putter and pretend that you are not anchoring it to your body like Langer and McCarron do))

For some perhaps this blog post will change your life, like Protandim and Sidesaddle putting did for me, others will dismiss all that I write and will continue to have millions of free radicals attacking your healthy cells, and continue to miss your short putts.

Don’t be stubborn, if you cannot putt, you cannot win at golf at the level you aspire to win at. Because each level will create more stress and a heightened level of Yippiness.

Unfortunately I now putt sidesaddle with my eyes closed, it sucks, and I don’t like having to do it, but still many say I am a great putter, its just not true anymore. Yes last Monday I made 8 birdies in the USGA Mid Am qualifier, but it was not because of my putting, it was an exceptional ball striking day, soft greens, short course, and a few made putts. But three of those birdies were 2 putts on the par 5’s.

My advice for those that YIP in competition, but not when practicing, YOU MUST REPLICATE THE PRESSURE, so play for money or anything that counts, and see where you are with your putting. I will be adding some more video soon on side saddle putting, and just general good practice drills for any style of putting. In July on the practice putting green, I was putting near Tom Watson and Bernhard Langer to see what they did in their practice putting sessions, more on this later!!

Back to LifeVantage- this company is going to start selling their products in China beginning in October (as announced in their earnings call last week). This announcement went relatively unnoticed, and it is VERY significant. I know this company quite well, and a few of you will thank me when the stock goes to $25 in the next 24 months. And if it only goes to $10, please don’t complain.

That’s it for a few years on the stock advice, this blog only talks about things related to golf and my personal experiences. I only mention Protandim and LifeVanatage because they changed my life for the better, and I wanted to share this information with you.


  1. This weekend the OC CUP (held at the Olympic Club) where the non-golf privilege holders play an eight man team of golf privilege holders in a Rider Cup format on Sat and Sunday.
  2. Then Sunday evening I drive to Marysville to play at PeachTree CC in the USGA Four Ball qualifier on Monday (22 teams for 1 spot) with my stud partner Jason Anthony whom is currently leading in points for NCGA Player of The Year.
  3. Tuesday I hit SFO at 6:00 AM for a flight to Philly for the CRUMP CUP at the best course in the world by a large margin – PINE VALLEY   I again will have photos of the awesome changes made to the course and will give you updates on the tournament.
  4. I then arrive back home on Sunday September the 24th only to leave on the 26th for Poppy Hills to compete in the NCGA Senior Stroke play championship for 3 days 27-29th
  5. Back on the 30th, and off to Atlanta on October 4th for the USGA Mid Amateur at Capital City Club, hopefully back with the W on October 14th (this will be a very stern physical test, as the eventual winner and runner-up will play 36 holes 3 days in a row walking)
  6. Stocker Cup October 18-21st in the Carmel Mountains at the amazing Preserve (play it if you get the chance)
  7. With a quick turn around and a flight to Pittsburg on October 22nd for the Carr-Mara at the very special Oakmont CC.

SO in summary I am a VERY lucky man to be playing Olympic Club Lake & Ocean, PeachTree CC, Pine Valley (#1 in the world), Poppy Hills in Pebble Beach, Capital City Club, and Atlanta National Golf Club, then the Preserve and Oakmont!!


STAY TUNED – and I welcome your comments, feedback, criticism, et all…..


  1. I’ll be home in Atlanta for the Mid-am and plan to come out. I’ll be sure to come watch you for a few holes. Played Atlanta National this summer and was a fun course. Capital City looks like a bear at 7,300 yds!!!!

      • Randy
        I plan to travel up from St. Augustine to the Capital City Club Oct. 7 to watch you play (putt). Have been side-saddle the past year with a 48 inch GP putter. Expect hilly contours at CCC and Atlanta National.

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