I’ve been told by some of my closest friends not to dwell or even discuss anything negative that has happened in my golf game, but to only remember the positives. THIS IS VERY DIFFICULT!!!!

In a stretch of three days, I threw away two opportunities to 1. Win the California State Fair Senior Amateur, due to a double bogey on the second to last hole, to place T2 one shot back, and then 2. On Tuesday in the USGA Mid Am qualifier at Sonoma Golf Club, I made 5 birdies in a row on the back nine, and came to the 18th hole -6 on the day. I thought I hit a perfect tee shot only to find it had hit the top lip of the bunker and rolled back down. With a lip in front of me, I made sure I got the ball up in the air, which I did, and short of the green. Since I don’t know the course, I found a water hazard runs in front of the green. Yes again I took a double bogey to finish one back of getting the coveted USGA medalist medal. The good news is the 68 still qualified me for this years USGA Mid Amateur, sadly my first USGA event of the year. I’ll need to withdraw from 2 events that are dear to my heart to play in this years Mid Am, The Olympic Club Championship and the NCGA Mid Am 2 man championship.

Since you have read this far, I NOW will give you my second stock pick (this is not a tip) in the past ten years. The last as some of you know was ID Watchdog, at about $0.10 a share. In August ID Watchdog was acquired by Equifax for slightly over $0.40 a share, a 300% return.

This company I am about to give you I have known for over 10 years, I raised over $5,000,000 for this company in the 2008-2010 time frame, and have seen it go from $0.10 to almost $4 and then back all the way to $0.40. I personally have been using this companies flagship product called Protandim, and swear by it. The tag line for Protandim is that one capsule a day (which is just 5 herbs) will eliminate over 1 million free radicals attacking your healthy cells per second. The first clinical study was so amazing that ABC Primetime did a featured story on Protandim, if nothing else, click on this link and listen to this amazing report. ABC PRIMETIME ON PROTANDIM

This was one of many studies done on Protandim, and I credit this amazing product for my best year ever in golf in 2011. It was an overachieving year for me, just a few highlights, at age 52 I went to the semi-finals against the college players in both the NCGA Amateur and the California State amateur, I qualified and played in both the 2011 US Senior Open (I won the qualifier) and qualified and was Silver Medalist in the 2011 Senior Open at Walton Heath. I won the prestigious Stocker Cup by 9 shots, and won 8 other events that year and for the third consecutive year received NCGA Player of the Year honors. Those three years were all while taking Protandim.



I will POST right behind this why you should BUY shares of this company RIGHT NOW- ticker symbol LFVN

Stay tuned!!!

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